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Chernobyl and Pripyat tours
CHERNOBYL ADVENTURE® team recommends several variants of trips for traveling to the Chernobyl zone and Pripyat. These list include scheduled group excursions to Chernobyl with the best price and private Chernobyl tours with an individual program from one up to five days.
One day tour to Chernobyl
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One day tour to Chernobyl is intended for those who are just beginning their acquaintance with the Chernobyl zone.
Two days tour to Chernobyl
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A two-day tour to Chernobyl for those who want to thoroughly explore the sights of the Exclusion Zone.
Two-day tour from Chernobyl
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A two-day tour with a visit to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant will acquaint you with the most inaccessible locations of the Exclusion Zone and the last Soviet atomic city, Slavutich.
Private tour to Chernobyl
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This type of tours is specially designed for those people who prefer to travel only with friends.
One day tour to Chernobyl
Two days tour to Chernobyl
Two-day tour from Chernobyl
Private tour to Chernobyl
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09-09-2021 12:45

One of the best excursions in my life! Special respect to our guide Dmitry, who told stories and showed them very cool, I am delighted. This is a must-see tour, I recommend it to everyone!


Babich Sveta
08-06-2021 10:23

This is the best excursion.  The organization is at the highest level, a cool guide Serghiy, who just lives by his work, know how to conduct excursions at highest level, thanks a lot to your co...

20-05-2021 22:13

A lot of impressions, hundreds of atmospheric photos, and a very interesting excursion! I recommend Chernobyl Adventure to everyone (flexible registration schedule, quick feedback from the administr...

Nikolay Valentinovich
01-03-2021 14:10

Thank you very much for such an adventure, I liked it very much. It was an unforgettable experience, I have never regretted choosing this particular organization for such a trip.


Darina R.
23-10-2020 07:16

This is a must-see place. I am lucky that my excursion was led by a knowledgeable guide Dmitry, who interestingly conducted the excursion and answered all the questions.


04-04-2019 20:22

I recommend these guys to everyone. Everything was organized perfectly, the guide made sure that everyhing was not only interesting, but also comfortable.


The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
— is a monument of the technogenic catastrophe that changed the history of the USSR


The concealment by the authorities of the fact of the accident and subsequently the understatement of its scale influenced the way of thinking of the Soviet people. And finally destroyed the myth of the successful construction of a bright socialist future.

Hundreds of thousands of people were forcibly resettled from the most contaminated areas. Instead, hundreds of thousands of them were thrown to the elimination of the consequences of the accident. Despite the efforts of the liquidators, the town of Pripyat and fifty villages remained unsuitable for life.

On the territory of the Exclusion Zone were left unique objects:



    • Over-the-horizon radar «Duga-1» for tracking the launch of missiles in the United States during the Cold War
    • Chernobyl nuclear power plant named of Lenin was the most powerful in Europe and perspective — in the world
    • The satellite-town of Pripyat, conceived as an example of the Soviet urban environment


Tours with CHERNOBYL ADVENTURE provide an opportunity to look at the surviving examples of advanced Soviet technologies, to see how the human civilization melt under the pressure of wildlife and learn the truth about the events of the past.


On our website CHERNOBYLADVENTURE.COM you can book: the excursion to Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Pripyat town, ChNPP and radar Duga-1; advanced two day  tour with visiting of Exclusion Zone objects and spending the night in town Chernobyl  or town Slavutich; night tour to Pripyat and to the cemetery of liquidators machinery; the visit to Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, and also an individual tour to Chernobyl Zone on any day of the week. 

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Why should I go to Chernobyl? Is it an object for tourism or a place of amusement?

It is important to understand that our tours to Chernobyl are not connected with amusement. We offer you to learn a part of our history in such an unforgettable way! The professional guides of our team will create for you a journey back in 1986. So, the most interesting abandoned places are waiting for you! We promise you that your trip won’t be provided with the standard boring information from Wikipedia. Our guides will tell you a lot of interesting stories and unique facts about this famous place of tragedy. Touring Chernobyl is like a lecture of History, where you are inside the events! What’s more, that’s a great chance to see the unique wild animals and the nature of this abandoned place, in general.

Why should I do the touring Chernobyl now?

It’s really better not to postpone the touring Chernobyl. Unfortunately, the territory of the exclusion zone has been empty more than for 34 years. Step by step we see the ruination of this place...So, soon we’ll be able to see Chernobyl only in the pictures. That’s why it’s better to hurry up and to come to the zone of exclusion!

The territory of the zone is wonderful at any time of a year. In winter there are no leaves, everything is transparent, it’s very convenient to see the locations in the far distance. In spring everything is in bloom, like a new life is born in the dead place. The bright colours of summer don’t allow us to fall in the depression of tragedy place. The golden autumn shows us the unbelievable beauty of the exclusion zone. We organise tours to Chernobyl all year round!

How do we make our tours to Chernobyl from Kyiv?

As usual, our meeting point is near the metro station Kontraktova ploshcha at 07:50. We gather so early as the way from Kyiv to the checkpoint Dytiatki takes approximately 2 hours. During the way we make 1 stop, at the gas station. Our tours to Chernobyl from Kyiv are provided with the comfortable buses supplied with TV and the conditioners.

How much time am I given for touring Chernobyl?

In general, our guests have enough time to explore the territory of the exclusion zone. It is possible to see Chernobyl in different ways, such as:

  1. one-day tours, which include the following program: the exploration of Chernobyl town; the secret military town Chernobyl-2 and Duga radar; the ChNPP, lunch in the canteen at the station; the dead city of Pripyat;
  2. two-days tours, which have an extended program. During the first day you’ll explore the abandoned villages of the 30-kilometres exclusion zone; Chernobyl town; the ChNPP; lunch; the Red forest; many locations inside Pripyat city; dinner and lodging for the night in the town of Chernobyl. The second day includes breakfast; the exploration of the rest of Chernobyl town; Chernobyl-2; Duga radar; lunch; the reactors № 5 and 6; the cooling pond;
  3. two-days tours with the excursion inside the ChNPP. The first day is dedicated to the exploration of Chernobyl town; Chernobyl-2; Duga radar; the ChNPP (outside); lunch; the reactors № 5 and 6; the cooling pond; dinner and lodging for the night in the town of Slavutych. On the following day we have breakfast in Slavutych; the excursion inside the ChNPP; lunch; many locations inside Pripyat;
  4. private tours to Chernobyl. This kind of the journey can last from 1 till 5 days. You’ll be able to see the abandoned villages of the 30-kilometres exclusion zone; Chernobyl town; Chernobyl-2; Duga radar; the ChNPP; the red Forest; the dead city of Pripyat; the burial ground “Buriakovka”; the railway station “Yanov”.

What is the price of the tours to Chernobyl?

Our team creates all the comfortable conditions for you to visit the zone of exclusion, and the price is not an exception! You shouldn’t pay any big sums of money to travel in time! Here are the costs of our trips:

  1. a one day-tour – 99$. Lunch and the dosimeter are not included here. You may order them additionally: lunch – 8$; the rent of the dosimeter – 10$;
  2. a two-days tour to the exclusion zone– 249$; the nutrition – 25$; the rent of the dosimeter – 20$;
  3. a two-days tour and the excursion inside the ChNPP – 449$; the nutrition -25$; the rent of the dosimeter – 20$;
  4. a private tour to Chernobyl – 395$ (for 1 day!). The nutrition and the rent of the dosimeter are not included to this price.

How to tour Chernobyl in a proper way? Is it safe, in general?

Nowadays a lot of people have a strong desire to visit the exclusion zone, but some can’t overcome one barrier...that’s the fear. Still now it is quite difficult for many people to believe that the level of radiation is not high in Chernobyl any more. For you to keep calm about it, you’ll be able to check the degree of contamination with the help of the dosimeter, which you can rent at the beginning of the tour, and you’ll see that all our routes are quite safe.

What’s more, while leaving the zone of exclusion, you have to pass through the radiation control twice (in the 10- and 30-kilometres parts of the zone)! The special frames check your bodies, clothes and shoes whether they are “clean” or not. If some element of your clothing is “dirty”, it will be decontaminated and you’ll go on.

After the journey to The Chernobyl exclusion zone there is no need to burn your clothing. It is quite enough just to wash it. Sure thing, during the excursion we’ll meet the hotspots, where the level of contamination will be quite high. But the period of time we usually spend there is very short, so, it is impossible to receive there a big dose of radiation.

In any way, the zone of exclusion is the place of the huge atomic accident, so it is necessary to be very attentive and to listen to all the instructions of the guide. That’s the main tips how to tour Chernobyl and to stay alive. The exclusion zone is waiting for you, hurry up!

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