Chernobyl 3828 (Biorobots)

     About 900 thousand liquidators passed through the Chernobyl disaster, all of them had a special role. During the liquidation of the consequences of the accident of 1986, various services worked on which various functions and responsibilities were laid.


     According to the plan of liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident, it was decided that all fragments of the reactor core should be collected and dumped back into the collapse resulting from the explosion of the reactor.


     The government commission, the headquarters of the army group, special prosecutors, drivers, pilots, drivers, academics, radiation monitors, firefighters, police, engineers, and builders also worked in Chernobyl. Robots were developed to help them (the Komatsu radio-controlled dump truck, the STR-1 robot lunar rover, the MOBOT-Ch robot, the MF-2 robot reconnaissance robot, the Beloyarets robot, the Foresteri manipulator), whose task was to clear out the debris and blockages on the 3rd roof Chernobyl power unit and engine room. The liquidators even joked that the mini-scouts were designed by children, although they were created at the Leningrad Institute of Robotics.


     But, unfortunately, they all worked literally for several hours, after which their "electronic brains" melted from the received radiation dose. Robots were not effective, and to replace them, they sent young soldiers who were not even 30 years old, nicknamed "biorobots".

     People performed the robot that the robots could not cope with.


     The first went to the roof dosimetrists, who made a map of pollution.

     Roof levels ranged from 2-3 to 10,000 (14 times the lethal dose) X-ray per hour, and very often even powerful military dosimeters were not enough to measure such high levels.

     The shift lasts from 40 seconds to 2 minutes, then rest and shower. For these 2 minutes or even 40 seconds, people received a dose of radiation comparable to that which an ordinary person receives from a natural background in his entire life.


     The radiation protection suits were made by themselves: clothing made of thick fabric, a lead vest (2-4 mm), a lead forehead and a back plate, a respirator and glasses were put on the face.

     The main weapon for the battle is an ordinary shovel. We even had to take graphite blocks by hand, since their weight was about 50 kg.


     During the work it was possible to move only by dashes in order to minimize a person’s stay in high radiation fields.


     A total of 3828 people passed through the roofs of Chernobyl, they cleaned the most dangerous sections of the roofs and made it possible to continue the work to eliminate the consequences of the accident.

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