Causes of the Chernobyl accident

The main causes of the accident 86 years

34 years after the Chernobyl disaster, much became known about this disaster. The network contains a huge number of declassified documents and reports. But in the days of the Soviet Union there was no Internet and there was also no right to publicity. Immediately after the explosion of 4 reactors, every call, every order, order or request among the staff was under the control of the KGB. The USSR decided to classify all the information regarding the Chernobyl accident not only from the whole world, but also from its people. The official version, which appeared to the whole world for viewing in 1986, was the fault of the operational personnel of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and its management. In July 1986, six perpetrators were tried on the perpetrators of the Chernobyl disaster.
- Bruchanov V.P., Director of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, 52 years old.
- Fomin N.M., chief engineer of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, 50 years old.
- Dyatlov A.S., deputy chief engineer of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, 56 years old.
- Kovalenko A.P., Head of the reactor shop No. 2, 45 years old.
- Laushkin Yu.A., inspector of Gosatomenergonadzor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
- Rogozhkin B.V., shift supervisor, 53 years old.
A number of interesting facts could be attributed to the imposition of such a sentence in which the Chernobyl personnel themselves were recognized as the culprits.

Since another information gap was created, now in the judicial part of the accident, in the Soviet press and on television, only short messages appeared about the hot weather in Chernobyl and the success of the struggle for the crop. At that time, 40 witnesses, 9 victims, 2 injured, as well as 60 people from the foreign and Soviet press took part in the meeting, and then journalists were allowed only to the first and even to the last meeting. Details and circumstances of the accident were then discussed only at working sessions, the entrance to which was not open to everyone. The court itself lasted 18 days and as a result, all six voiced the sentence in a long 10 years in prison. And so further decisions of the Government, which was trying to “save face” in front of the world community smeared with radiation, did not break out of this logical series. The station management was condemned, the rest of the staff branded forever. Those who disagree with this approach were fired, and those who died were generously forgiven. But sooner or later the truth, whatever it may be, will still come to the surface.

In November 1986, an official document was prepared for the International Atomic Energy Agency called INSAG -1 (information about the Chernobyl accident and its causes). In this report, it was said that the RBMK-1000 reactor is nuclear-safe, but has some “features”. After the collapse of the USSR, when some of the classified information from the KGB archives became declassified, another addition came out in 1993 - the INSAG report - 7. It identifies 9 main problems associated with this fateful event.

- Inadequate safety analysis.
- The operating instructions are not properly substantiated in the safety analysis.
- The installation did not actually comply with current safety standards during the design and even had unsafe design features.
- Lack of attention to independent safety reviews.
- Insufficient and inefficient exchange of important safety information, both between operators, and between operators and designers.
- Lack of understanding by staff of safety related aspects of their plant.
- Incomplete compliance by personnel with the requirements of the operating regulations and the test program.
- Insufficiently effective regulatory regime, which turned out to be unable to withstand the requirements of industrial need.
- The general lack of a safety culture in nuclear matters at the national and local levels.

Currently, this supplement is the only official report on the causes of the accident. This document is freely available on the network and anyone can read it.

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