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Cafes and bars in the town of Chernobyl


Everyone who played the legendary computer game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. perfectly remembers such a place as "BAR 100 X-ray." Our favorite place - the Chernobyl exclusion zone also has its own bars. Of course, there you can’t meet the guys in exoskeletons peacefully drinking branded Kozaki vodka biting sausage and loaf, but we can tell you something interesting about local establishments. In this article, we will cover the topic of places where you can improve the health in the city of Chernobyl that exist today.

Immediately worth clarifying one point. Unfortunately, the “100 X-ray” bar in Chernobyl does not exist and never was. In real life today, 4 large bars exist and operate on a rotational Chernobyl: “Glass”, “Restaurant Pripyat” or as it is sometimes called “green”, the most famous “broken face bar” at the time is now converted into a dining room with at least the epic name is “Picnic on the sidelines” grill bar and the top-end and decent “Ten” cafe for these places.

"Glass" is perhaps the first bar that can be found at the entrance to the city of Chernobyl. It is located on Sovetskaya street 74. "Glass" is two rooms located in the hostel of the "apartment block". In the main room there is a grocery store, and in the room on the right is the same bar.

The Restaurant is perhaps one of two popular establishments not only for Chernobyl workers, but also for tourists. It is located in the city center in the building of the former Pripyat restaurant. This two-story green building across from the Star of Wormwood Memorial Park is the most central store in the city. On the ground floor, at the entrance to the left, there is the store itself with a good assortment of goods - a food department, alcohol, a snack, vodka and most importantly, coffee. The room is divided into two zones. The store itself and the area with tables where you can relax and drink after a hard day. In the best traditions, the separation of the store and the recreation area is done using a screen. The so-called zoning in the Soviet way. The canteen for Chernobyl administration workers was relatively recently located on the second floor. To do this, dosimetric control racks were installed in the lobby of the former restaurant. By the way, it is necessary to mention the fact that, despite the whole Soviet spirit, which is impregnated with the city of Chernobyl, there is the Internet, terminals for replenishing accounts and the only ATM. And it is just located at the entrance to the "Restaurant".

About "Broken Muzzle" at one time there were a lot of funny stories. Of course you need to make a remark about the name of this institution. Once this bar was called simply and even typical of these places - "Polesie". This establishment was located at the entrance to the city of Chernobyl from its northern part and in fact it is the first place in the direction of travel from work where you could buy a drink and eat and, as a result, "culturally" spend time after a hard working day. The name "Broken Muzzle" appeared at a time when the construction of the New Safe Confinement began. At that time, the population of Chernobyl increased by an order of magnitude due to construction contractors. As a rule, all those who needed to wet their throats and have a bite after the shift were headed to the Eternal Call store or to the second floor where there was once a Broken Muzzle bar. Currently, this colorful institution with its light music, primitive disco and soulful massacre does not exist. Now on the second floor there is a no less colorful dining room with an additional loading option under the epic name Grill Bar “Picnic on the Sidelines”. Although the appearance of the store and the bar has changed and was stylized to the theme of the Stalker zone, the principles of its work and the contingent have remained the same.
The fourth place where decent enough food in Chernobyl is cafe “Ten”. The cafe is located almost in the city center in the building of the Ten Hotel. By local standards, this hotel can be compared to such a local Hilton. Nice and pretty cozy place. The cafe is located on the ground floor at the entrance to the right. It has two large rooms and one smaller. As for food, everything is much more decent here than in other institutions, but the prices are much higher.

Life hack from the local companions. If you can eat delicious food in Chernobyl only in the "Ten", then alcohol for the evening in a multi-day trip is cheaper in the very "Restaurant", which is three minutes walk from the "Ten."

If the stores are open from morning till night, the spill points of “decontamination means” or the so-called “good mood” work according to a strict schedule from 19:00 to 23:00. Most likely, such a schedule of bars is due to the fact that local workers do not carry out internal "decontamination" at the workplace. Of course, before all the bars in Chernobyl worked much more democratic, as they say, until the last client. The assortment, however, was a little stingier and included drinks mainly of domestic production, among which the advantage was vodka, cognac and champagne.


The history of all Chernobyl bars begins around 1997, when the Prohibition was abolished in the Chernobyl zone. Before that, in the zone, the problem with a lack of alcohol was solved as best they could. The smuggling that was carried in things through the checkpoint. With the help of bootleggers, the role was played by drivers and commandants of the hostels. Drivers as a rule transported alcohol in technological niches of cars and it was always possible to buy a shell directly from the car. The commandants of the dormitories were also involved in the implementation. In the city there was always one or two addresses where it was possible to purchase the same shell at any time of the day. At that time, many craftsmen made mash and drove moonshine. The situation was favorable for such processes. The thing is that until the end of the 90s, most of the shift personnel lived in the private sector of the city of Chernobyl. At such "Kulibins" in the barn or directly in the houses two or three cast-iron baths in which the mash was made from local raw materials — apples, plums, apricots or grapes — melted. Somewhere next to it was a practically industrial-sized moonshine. For those who were not particularly demanding in the choice of alcohol, there was always a solution in the form of surrogates and perfumes. Now only veterans will be able to point to the monument of the times of the Prohibition of 1986-1994 - the “cologne lane” at the beginning of Nekrasov Street opposite the store. In the same place in the bushes you can still find placers of empty bottles and bottles from under the perfumed perfume.
In total, there are only five stores in the city of Chernobyl.

  • shop in the building of the former bus station
  • shop in the hostel
  • a shop in the city center in a building of a former restaurant
  • Eternal Call store near the fire station
  • a shop in the building of the former kindergarten where the Tale canteen is now located

You can also buy a drink and a snack at the Cafe Ten, and at the Polesie Hostel you can buy snacks and some water.

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