The recreation Center of O. Dovzhenko

The recreation Center of Dovzhenko Film Studio

     The base is located near the “Fairy Tale” pioneer camp, between the villages of Ilovnitsa and Rudnya Veresnya. Unfortunately, it is very poorly preserved: there are no longer any houses.


     Before the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, this place resembled the "Emerald" Recreation Center, wooden houses were painted with fairy-tale characters, and they stood on stilts, as the River Uzh, which was located near the base, often was leaving its banks. Vacationers remember when the floods were very strong even the piles could not help, and in the houses there was water under the beds. During a strong flood, people had to move around the base by boat.


     In the forest there were small tourist buses, which used to be used as warehouses. There are no books left in the library. On the territory there is an old water tower, it is not clear how long it will stay here, it will fall under the influence of time or with the efforts of "metal-stealers". Among the oaks and pines you can see metal beds. The Soviet classic bed with a metal grid, which survived both the revolution and the Chernobyl disaster, and now stands in orphan near the tree, becoming covered in rust.


     Now the base is gray, quiet and calm. It is hard to imagine that there used to be small multi-colored houses here, like children's cubes, scattered in the forest.


     Before the Chernobyl disaster, hundreds of people rested here every year. After the accident, the troops were here for a short time, who participated in the aftermath of the accident. As the reminder of those times, you can still find scattered gas masks and helmets in the forest.


     Near the Dovzhenko recreation center, some five kilometers to the west, near the village of Rassoha, was a former German airfield, namely, to which, after the liquidation of the Chernobyl NPP accident, a huge number of units of liquidators was brought. According to some reports, in 1973, the famous film of the Kiev Dovzhenko film studio was filmed at this airport "Only old men go to battle". By the way, the main character of this film and director Leonid Bykov died in a car accident on the road towards Chernobyl. Therefore, we can only assume that he was going to this particular recreation center.



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