The White House and the Rainbow store in Pripyat


Lenin Avenue 32/13 "White House" in the city of Pripyat.

     Pripyat is an abandoned city. There are approximately 12 thousand apartments in the city, which are increasingly affected by marauders. Now houses are almost no different from each other, but each has its own story.

     Being in the center of Pripyat, we can see the famous nine-story “White House”, which is located on the corner of Kurchatov Street and 32/13 Lenin Avenue. “The White House” - people nicknamed it as a joke, as party and civilian leaders lived in it, and the leadership of the nuclear power plant lived, including the director of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Viktor Petrovich Bryukhanov. Soviet slogans “Glory to Lenin! Glory to the party! ”During the life of the city, the house was considered“ elite ”as it is located in the very center of Pripyat, where the windows overlook the central square.

     Now the "White House" is in a very poor condition. We categorically do not recommend going inside the house, as plaster, tiles crumble, walls in cracks, which only increase over time. Near the house, the famous Pripyat fox Semen is often found, who always does not mind eating some delicacies from tourists.

     On the corner of the house, you can take a picture against the background of the famous yellow telephone box, which was the prototype in the frames during the filming of the television series “Moths” (Ukrainian four-part series directed by Vitaliy Vorobyov, which was released in 2013 on the 27th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident, which is based on real events) .

Shop "Rainbow" in the city of Pripyat.

     Also to the "White House", on the ground floor, is the Pripyat store No. 1 "Rainbow". "Rainbow" - a city store in which they sold radio goods, stationery, auto parts, household goods. On the eve of the accident, the store was supposed to open a salon for servicing the bride and groom, since the city is very young and there were many weddings. The salon was almost ready, the hall was made of white marble with gold decorations. But not destined ... After the accident, things began to be demolished here from Pripyat apartments: televisions, washing machines, electric stoves, pianos, sewing machines. After that, the store was placed under the alarm. This was done so that things from the apartments were not plundered by looters, and a store in the city center was easier to guard, as it was in a prominent place. In general, all these things still remained inside the store, but the marauders still got here, the remains of furniture, gas stoves, etc. are scattered in the trading floor of the store. Probably, if it weren’t for the accident, now the sign “Rainbow” was replaced with some kind of “ATB” or “Fora”.


Excursions and tours to the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

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