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Phantom Park
     Amusement park in the city of Pripyat is one of the most popular places in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. The park is located not far from DK "Energetik" and the hotel "Polesie", and is famous for its Ferris wheel, that tourists take pictures almost more often than the Chernobyl NPP itself. In addition to the famous Ferris wheel, or as it is also called “Ferris wheel”, the amusement park includes such objects as: bumper cars (autodrome), swing boats and the Chamomile attraction. The rides were made at the only plant in the USSR in the city of Yeisk in the Krasnodar Territory. Almost all the parks of the USSR were equipped with entertainment structures of the plant. These were fairly common attractions in recreation parks, which were located in fairly large cities. The park was supposed to be the Pripyat business card, but it became it after the accident. "Ferris Wheel" - the king of Pripyat attractions. From it you could see all the city spaces. The height of the ferris wheel is twenty-four meters, and its full rotation occurs in five minutes. Most bumper cars were tricycles. They had an electric motor in front, and the steering wheel could turn all 360 degrees. The speed of movement of cars was about 6 - 10 km / h. The rides were delivered to Pripyat and installed in the spring of 1986. The grand opening of the park was planned for May 1, 1986, but it was never destined to roll happy kids. There is a myth that the Ferris wheel worked on April 26, 1986, in order to at least somehow distract the attention of residents from the accident at the power plant.


Park during liquidation
     During the aftermath of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, helicopters landed on the platform near the Ferris wheel, which left behind radiation spots. Radiation on the area can reach from 60 to 800 μR / hour. and it is believed that the amusement park is one of the heavily polluted places in Pripyat.


Launch the ferris wheel
     In 2017, in Pripyat, Polish citizens noted that they had posted a video on the Internet that allegedly mechanically launched the Ferris wheel. Some activists immediately expressed their indignation at these actions, because at start-up, if the wheel had collapsed, people could have suffered, or the administration of the Exclusion Zone would simply cease to let tourists from all over the world.


     An amusement park and a ferris wheel are included in the mandatory program of our excursions. Having gone with our company, you would be able to visit this mysterious place, feel the former greatness of the city and see its main attraction - the Pripyatsky Amusement Park.

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