Palace of Culture "Energetik"

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The role of the Palace of Culture "Energetik" in the life of Pripyat.
     From the central entrance to the city, moving along Lenin Boulevard, which rested against the central square, we are met by the Energetik Culture Palace. This building was built among the first buildings in Pripyat, and was intended to become a cultural institution for the development of citizens.

     The Palace of Culture was built in the early 1970s and was the pride of Pripyat. "Energetik" is included in the complex of buildings, and consists of: a department store, hotel "Polesie", a restaurant, a hall for sports and so on. Various groups worked in the palace: dance, rhythmic gymnastics, children developed in various sections, and adults spent time at literary evenings and staged performances. Former residents told how the circus visited them. Visitors and local artists performed in the “Energetik” hall, showed concerts and performances, organized children's matinees. And the Edison disco gathered young people not only from all of Pripyat, but also from the surrounding area. In addition, inside there were several venues, including a larger lobby, a library and a reading room, a cinema that could accommodate 800 people, a gym, a swimming pool and a ring for Pripyat lovers of boxing.


Post-crash time
     After the disaster at the fourth power unit of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, during the liquidation of the consequences of the accident, the Energetik Palace of Culture was used by the liquidators as a technical room. In 2000, after the full stop of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, it was finally closed. Mayhem and Desolation, this is what can be seen in the premises of the present building. In the huge gymnasium in which Pripyat residents physically developed, trees are now growing. The windows are broken, and everything valuable has been stolen long ago by looters, and instead of parquet - moss.


Revived "Energetic"
     In October 2016, stalkers from Moscow, noted that they lit the sign on the "Energy" with the help of diodes connected to the battery. Then "Energetic" for the first time began to shine since 1986. Previously, "Energetic" met guests from different countries, now these guests are called tourists.


     Visitors can get acquainted with this object within our route and see this remarkable building, which was different from the buildings of other cities. Have time to touch the history, because the city is slowly collapsing under the influence of time and the influence of nature.

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