The city of Chornobyl

Chornobyl - the city in Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

     Chernobyl is located 12 km south-east of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, 115 kilometers from Kiev. The city became known to the whole world because of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.


     The first mention of Chernobyl can be found in the chronicle "List of Russian cities remote and close" in 1193. We can say that Chernobyl was created by the Pripyat River, there people were getting income from trade, fishing, collection of customs duties, as well as on the bank of the Chernobyl backwater there was a large ship repair yard. For most of its history, Chernobyl was a rural settlement. It began to acquire urban appearance in the 60s. At the same time, among the houses rose high-rise apartments. Office buildings, a cinema, a department store, a bus station, and schools appeared in the center of the city. After that, the territory of the city became kind of divided into parts: the private sector, high-rise buildings, and the center, where administrative and cultural buildings were located. If you look at the history of Chernobyl - it was a struggle for the existence of residents. During its history, Chernobyl was repeatedly destroyed by enemies, fires, the city lost many inhabitants, but each time it was revived again. The explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant named after VI. Lenin on April 26, 1986, forever destroyed not only the settlements of the Chernobyl region, but also a special Polissya culture.


     It is known that Vladimir Pravik was born in the city of Chernobyl - the head of the guard of MFEU-2 for the protection of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the first who on the night of April 26 arrived at the destroyed fourth unit to extinguish a nuclear fire.


     Chernobyl was a relatively small town of 5 square kilometers, with a population of 13,700 people until 1986, located on the right bank of the Pripyat River. Prior to the Chernobyl disaster, on April 26, 1986, Chernobyl was the district center of the Kiev region, and today it is the administrative center of the Exclusion Zone and the Unconditional (Mandatory) Resettlement Zone. Refers to the State Agency of Ukraine on the exclusion zone management. Now Chernobyl has the status of a shift camp, where about 3,000 shift personnel and about 100 “self-settlers” live (people who have returned to their homes after the evacuation).


     Chernobyl is very similar to Kiev - the capital of Ukraine, by its preserved relief; both cities are located on the banks of the river; there is a park of glory in the city; castle mountain; At one time, Chernobyl was a border town like Kiev. The city park, or as it is also called the park of glory, was created in the 50s of the twentieth century on the place called Zamkovaya Gora. Here until the end of the XIX century there was a castle where the princes lived who ruled the city and the surrounding villages. The park begins with the memorial of the Alley of Glory - there are signs with the names of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, Stella with Eternal Flame, a memorial sign on which is installed a pro-tank gun.


     Chernobyl was one of the last settlements evacuated from the Zone - on May 5. But the city was not empty,on the contrary - it began a new life. During the period of liquidation, a government commission, a headquarters of an army group, and task forces were located here. After the end of the liquidation, services and enterprises appeared on the site of the operational groups that implemented the state policy of the EZ. From that time on, a new permanent population appeared in Chernobyl - shift workers.


     The city of Chernobyl is the only settlement in Ukraine that has bypassed decommunization. The names of Lenin, Moskovskaya, 25 Anniversary of October, Communist, Krasnoarmeyskaya, Komsomolskiy, Leningradskaya, etc. streets are preserved here.



Excursions to the Chernobyl Zone, the city of Chernobyl, Chernobyl NPP, Pripyat.

     Without the city of Chernobyl, not a single tourist route goes. This is really an ancient place with a rich history. In the format of one-day tour, we try to show the maximum of the objects that are located on our route (memorial "Star of Wormwood", a monument to "Those Who Saved the World", an exhibition of robotics). In multi-day tours there is an opportunity to visit more objects and locations. For example, take a walk along the forgotten streets of the Chernobyl, visit the Park of Glory and the Castle Hill, walk along the private sector, visit the cemetery of ships and barges that are in the Chernobyl backwater. In terms of infrastructure, the city of Chernobyl is almost indistinguishable from other localities, there are three hotels that tourists use during multi-day excursions, a cafe, a bar, a bus station, a fire department and a medical unit, even the current church, where the priest performs the services every weekend, to visit a "self-settlers".


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