A popular place among tourists - Cafe "Pripyat"

Cafe Pripyat and river station

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     Cafe "Pripyat" is a former resting place for residents of the young atom city Pripyat. One of the most famous places in the city of Pripyat, both before the accident and after it. It was here in 1977 that builders celebrated the launch of the first power unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. By Soviet standards, the Pripyat Cafe was a fairly quiet, not a big establishment, but for that period it was a very nice and attractive place. Inside there is a magnificent mosaic preserved, it is a stained glass window on which are depicted: girls, flowers, the sun, planets - perhaps these are symbols of Soviet well-being. In the courtyard of the cafe there are still the bowed corps of Soviet soda machines selling soda. Then you could buy two kinds of soda: simple and slightly salty water, worth one kopek per glass or with syrup - for three kopecks. Also in the cafe there was a tent with kvass, where you could quench your summer thirst. Previously, life was in full swing here, celebrating holidays, staging parties. Now quiet and calm. The windows are partially broken, the equipment is broken, the whole tile has crumbled for a long time, but the mosaic has survived. Now around the cafe Pripyat grow birch and young pines. Looking at pre-accident photos, it’s almost impossible to believe that there used to be lawns here without a single tree. The cafe is connected to the canopy of the river station building, which has a semicircular shape. Therefore, here the passengers spent time waiting for high-speed passenger boats on hydrofoils "Rocket" or "Meteora". Going down the steps to the pier, to which the ship once moored, on the horizon we will see PZRO "Sandy Plateau" - the point of disposal of radioactive waste. It was on this site that another microdistrict of the city of Pripyat should have been built, namely, the sixth microdistrict of Pripyat. And to the right, the landing stage, a floating pier, part of the cafe “Pripyat”, which served for loading or unloading passengers, glanced at it. After the catastrophe, contaminated soil was taken out for burial.

     Fans of the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. having visited Pripyat, they will surely recognize this place as one of the key locations of the cult game.

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