Kiev - 1986 (Part-2)

Kiev - Chernobyl

     Almost in the first days after the disaster, Kievans were involved in the aftermath of the accident. Among the first to come to Chernobyl was a militarized convoy from Darnitsa. People rode in open bodies, sitting right on the boards. Of the 1390 buses that were allocated for the evacuation of Pripyat, 835 were from the automobile enterprises of Kiev. Drivers were sent without minimum means of protection, without notifying them of health hazards. Having completed the task of evacuation, the driver returned to Kiev. For decontamination, they allocated a bath in an air town near the metro station Svyatoshin. Then this bath had to be washed for a long time from radiation - drivers were very infected.


     The first injured firefighters and nuclear plant personnel were transported to Zhulyany airport and sent to Moscow Clinical Hospital No. 6. It is clear that the aircraft were also very infected. As a result, they were driven back to Kiev, where they rusted on the site.


     Due to the lack of information, at the end of April the people of Kiev lived a normal life. Shops, theaters, restaurants, schools worked. Only on April 30 did the Izvestia newspaper publish a small message saying: “From the Council of Ministers of the USSR. An accident occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, one of the nuclear reactors was damaged. Measures are being taken to eliminate the consequences of the accident. Help is provided to the injured. A government commission has been created. ” But no catastrophes at that time could interfere with social and political events, especially, on the eve of the first of May. On the second day after the accident, on April 27, in Kiev at the Republican Stadium, a match was held for the USSR Football Championship, which was attended by about 80 thousand spectators. And on May 6th-9th, an international bicycle race took place in the city, when the gamma-ray background in the center of Kiev exceeded the norm tenfold.


     On the May Day holidays, the people of Kiev parted in barbecue, summer cottages, in the forest for nature, and of course to the infected Kiev reservoir. However, information from the north was leaking, plus there was some information from the military. Rumors began to fly fast. The city began to panic, and no one believed the newspapers. On May 8-9, people stormed the box office in the hope of leaving the city or at least sending children away. In one day, May 8, 68 thousand railway tickets were sold. Unrest was at the bus stations. On May 10, rumors passed that children would be evacuated from Kiev. The academic year from 1st to 7th grades ended on May 15. 240 thousand children were taken to camps and health institutions under the pretext of the program “Children's Health”. A whole schedule was developed, which schools, where and when to leave.

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