Chronicle of the Dead City (Part - 3)

Memories of Alexander Esaulov

Part three


V.A. Leonenko, the head of MSCh-126, was not there. He was in the bunker, at the station, as provided by the instructions, and the hospital was commanded by Vladimir Aleksandrovich Pecheritsa, a youthful, charming guy, about my age. Learning why I came, he asked in surprise:
- What are you going to do here?
- If there was a neck, there would be a collar! At least I'm not going to get involved in medical matters, so don't worry.

Events so far seemed to give me time to swing, although it was this time that was desperately lacking neither for doctors, nor for firefighters, nor for station workers, but everyone in this mess had their own bowl ...

Drink your cup.

EVERYONE IN THIS COUTTER had his own cross, his own cup, which had to be drunk to the bottom.
On April 26, from 5 to 10 in the morning, I had to be in our city ATP-31015, then I worked with doctors for almost two days, and on 28 and 29, after the evacuation, I worked in the executive committee building itself, and therefore I was not an eyewitness to the events. what happened in the executive committee on April 26 and 27: how the evacuation was prepared and carried out, how the evacuees were accommodated in the villages, so I will not write about this. I can only say one thing - forgetting about the division into city committee and executive committee, everyone pulled this heavy team in the same way: the city committee of the party, and the executive committee, and the city committee of the Komsomol, otherwise would they have done what they did?

- Well, - Pecheritsa asked me, - what did they say at the meeting about the accident? Has Gamanyuk arrived?
I also noticed that the first secretary of the city party committee A.S. Gamanyuk was not at the meeting. It was strange, since I knew that he had been notified of what had happened, and I was sure that Alexander Sergeevich would come immediately.
“He was not there,” I replied to Pecheritsa and went to the open window, from which the fourth block was perfectly visible. The block resembled a large tooth with a ragged hollow gnawed out by caries, over which a faint trickle of gray smoke billowed. The sun was high, and it was already hot, like a summer. It was very stuffy, and therefore the windows were wide open (what idiots! This is how much we got out of the blue then ?!).

By the time I arrived, more than thirty people were hospitalized in the hospital with radiation burns of various degrees of severity. V. Shashenok died at six in the morning - extensive heat and radiation burns; a little easier, but also almost hopeless were two more (I don't remember their names). They were completely bandaged. Closer to lunch, Moscow specialists, doctors Selidovkin and Levitsky, arrived from Moscow. Selidovkin, a good-looking red-haired man, after examining the patients, came sullen and stern and asked me to urgently contact Moscow, taking out a shabby, greasy notebook. As I understood from the conversation, the conversation was conducted with someone from the sixth clinic:
- Many extremely severe, - he said in a dull voice, - severe burns, some have teeth imprinted on their tongues (this "teeth have been imprinted on the tongues" still haunts me, causing a slight frost on the skin), severe vomiting, a large number of burns on the limbs ... The condition of the patients is aggravated by heat burns. I believe that the patients should be urgently evacuated to Moscow.
On the other end of the line they asked something, it is clear how many patients he intends to send.
- About twenty, twenty-five.
The voice in the receiver apparently began to object, because Selidovkin suddenly turned from charming into tough.
- Well, organize it! He rapped out.

Two people entered the office, a very young guy and a girl, twenty-two to twenty-three years old. The guy's name, I think, was Sergei, and hers was Oksana. Both are dressed for youth fashion in something sporty: sneakers, jeans, T-shirts, in general, a normal young frivolous couple. Vladimir Alexandrovich Pecheritsa looked inquiringly at them.

- We came here on vacation, and we learned that there was an accident. We are both doctors, maybe we need our help?
Then Pecheritsa quickly found out what kind of doctors they were, what and when they graduated, that Oksana (that was the girl's name) was a young mother.
“I’ve been breastfeeding for a week now,” she assured her quickly, as if afraid that Pecherina would refuse them.

Vladimir Alexandrovich talked with one of his own and began to tell the young couple to whom and to which department they should turn.

"These," I thought, "they will not make money on someone else's grief, they will not look sweetly in the eyes in the hope of getting a three-ruble note ..."
After some debate, it was decided to carry out iodine prophylaxis in the city, but when it came to iodine preparations, it turned out that there were very few of them and the drugs had to be looked for somewhere, the easiest and fastest way was in the neighboring Chernobyl and Polessky regions. It was necessary to call someone who knew about what had happened so as not to talk a lot on the phone. I was sure that all conversations were already being written or obeyed, and it was quite possible to get involved in some unpleasant story for disclosure or distribution. With full confidence in a favorable outcome of the case, one could call the chairmen of the executive committees or first secretaries. According to unwritten laws, it seems that deputy chairmen are not supposed to address directly someone else's "first", but, as they say, a tough time requires tough decisions.

Thanks to the first secretaries of the Chernobyl and Polessky regions A. Amelkin and N. Primachenko. Chernobyl gave two and a half kilograms of potassium iodide, and Polesskoe - nine hundred packs of Sayodin, a total of twenty-three thousand doses. Taking into account what was in the city, preventive measures were taken. Of course, it would be better to do it early! It is optimal that everyone who lives near the nuclear power plant has iodine preparations at home. But that was not the case. Moreover, there weren't even enough of them in the warehouse! And this was not provided for by any standards. And, probably, it is not provided even now.

End of the third part.


© A. Esaulov

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