Liquidation of accident consequences in Prypiat

How the liquidation of accident consequences in Pripyat took place

     In 1970, the first peg was solemnly scored for the construction of the first power unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In parallel, three kilometers away, the construction of the Chernobyl NPP satellite - Pripyat was underway. Construction of the city of Pripyat was deployed on February 4, 1970, which is considered the date of the foundation of the town. The city expanded every day. All necessary infrastructure facilities were built here. As for 1985, there were 27 nationalities. According to the latest census data, the population was about 49 thousand people. Not infrequently on the information board in Pripyat one could see the announcements: “I will exchange a 3-room apartment in Kherson, for an equivalent apartment in Pripyat”. But no one even thought of changing, because living in Pripyat was almost a dream of a Soviet person. People sold apartments in other cities to move here. The city had five full-fledged neighborhoods, built 160 houses. The average age of residents of Pripyat was 26 years. To their services, builders built a large swimming pool, a cinema, a stadium, 15 kindergartens and 5 schools, many gyms, cafes, shops, and on May Day holidays were to open an amusement park. No one stopped at this, because in the future it was planned to build two more microdistricts. But one April day, changed the life of the townspeople, who slept quietly and knew nothing.


     April 26th was a typical day. Weddings were celebrated in the city, fishermen were fishing nearby, people were planting vegetable gardens. But still the stay in the city of the military and the BTR-vehicles, gave some doubts, as it turned out not in vain. The explosion of the 4th unit of the nuclear power plant occurred at night at 1:24 pm, and only in the evening of April 26, a meeting of the government commission was held at the Pripyat City Executive Committee, at which the word evacuation was first heard.


     The peaceful life of Pripyat ended on April 27. Then, at 12:00, the government commission made decisions on the evacuation of the city. At 1:10 pm, loudspeakers reported: “Attention, Dear Comrades! The City Council of People’s Deputies reports that an unfavorable radiation situation is developing in connection with the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the city of Pripyat. In this regard, there is a need to conduct a temporary evacuation of city residents to the nearest populated areas of the Kiev region .... ”.


     Nevertheless, civil defense and emergency plans showed a complete lack of adaptation to the real situation. Machines of local transportation companies were contaminated with radioactive dust. People could not be taken outside and forced to go to assembly points, as was attributed in the instructions. Therefore, the city was evacuated in a special way. From the Kiev region were removed all the buses and ordered to follow to Chernobyl. At 14:00 in Pripyat, the evacuation process itself began. The bus drove up to the entrance, the people were “loaded”, the bus was leaving. The column, which consisted of more than 1,100 units of buses, stretched for 16 kilometers and was accompanied by traffic police.


     Almost 50 thousand people left the city. Interestingly, 33.5 thousands people left by buses, about 2 thousand people left by rail, 5 thousand people left the city on their own transport, and another 8500 left the city without even waiting for the evacuation announcement. In the latter cases, it can be said that the most cautious and knowledgeable people deigned at least to take their relatives away from the epicenter of the accident, the rest believed the authorities about the frivolity of the situation.


     In a short time, each of the Pripyat microdistricts was fenced with barbed wire, and apartments and house entrances were set to alarm. Of course, Pripyat was decontaminated. Liquidators were engaged in washing houses from fire engines, cutting asphalt, soil, sawing trees and burying it all in the “burial grounds”. Regarding the contamination by radioactive dust, the microdistricts of the city differed from each other. For example, the first and second residential districts, which were closest to the Chernobyl NPP, suffered the most. There, on the night of the accident, in apartments, the radiation background could reach about 1 Roentgen / Hour.


     With the rest of the microdistricts, the radiation situation was slightly better, and half a year after the evacuation, the authorities partially allowed Pripyat residents to withdraw some things. About 14 thousand residents returned to pick them up. Of course, everything was checked at dosimetric monitoring points. Personal cars were also taken out, but in this case was monitored not only the level of radiation, but also the age of the vehicle. Many cars went to the burial ground. After the goods were taken by the Pripyat residents, the military came, who threw furniture into trucks and sent them to the burial, later looters visited the city, knocking out doors and plundering everything that was left.


     It is not surprising that Pripyat has such a state, because three waves of devastation fell upon it. Not then police, not the modern police are simply able to control about 13 thousand apartments of the dead city. Pripyat slowly but surely collapses.



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