Settlement settler "Rassokha"

     PVLRO (Point of Temporary Localization of Radioactive Waste) "Rassokha" is the now liquidated sedimentation tank of contaminated equipment located in the village of the same name in the Exclusion Zone.

     The village of Rassokha is located 23 kilometers from the city of Chernobyl. During the life of the village there were: an eight-year school, a club, a post office, a shop, a farm, etc. The village council of the village of Rassokhi included the villages of Ilovnitsa and Bychki. Before the accident, 416 people lived here, the evacuation of the village took place on May 7, 1986.

     During the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident, a huge amount of equipment was used. Of course, it was exposed to severe radioactive contamination. After the liquidation of the accident and the construction of the “Sarcophagus” with infected equipment, something had to be done. So, in the ten-kilometer Zone a radioactive waste disposal site “Buryakovka” was created. And in the thirty-kilometer Zone, on the site of the former German airfield, near the village of Rassokha, a settler was equipped.

     This place, where endless rows of different military equipment were located, was probably a symbol of the Chernobyl disaster. According to some sources, there were more than 1600 pieces of equipment in the sump (military special equipment, tractors, fire engines, buses and helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-6). The sedimentation tank also included a decontamination complex located across the road.

     In general, in the late 1980s, there were plans that, after the half-life of some radionuclides, the equipment is deactivated, restored and will be used for its intended purpose. But, already since the 2000s, work has been done to eliminate the sump. A significant part of the equipment was deactivated and exported to the metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine. Since 2006, the complete process to eliminate the sump has begun. The equipment was deactivated, sawn and taken out for re-melting. At the end of 2012, the Rassokha sump ceased to exist. Equipment that could not be deactivated was moved to the Buryakovka radioactive waste disposal site. Some remains of equipment (parts of trucks, cars, fire engines, engineering vehicles) can be found right at the place where the decontamination complex was located.

     In general, the "Rassokha" sump was a kind of monument - an open-air museum. For the computer game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. served as a prototype of the “Landfill” location. In the movie "Decay", filmed from a helicopter.

Excursions and tours to the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

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