Fire engine of Victor Kibenok

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Viktor Kibenok -  the chief of a guard of the 6th military firehouse of Department of Internal Affairs of Kyiv Regional Executive Committee (Pripyat guard) came up to firefighting on the 4th power unit five minutes after the accident. The guard consisted of three cars: the car of the chief of guard the tanker AC-40 on the basis of the off-road vehicle Ural 375, the state number 99-39 KKhH, the lorry on the basis of ZIL 130 and another tanker on the basis of ZIL 131. The head of fire extinguishing Leonid Telyatnikov defined the zone of responsibility for the  Kibenok's groups. It was a piece of the Reactor workshop where the radiation level at the walls was more than 1000R\h. 

   After hospitalization of firemen in the medical unit of Pripyat their machinery was left at the same place and was moved only in May when the export of contaminated soil began from the territory of the NPP industrial site. All of the three fire engines had been staying till summer at the walls of Administrative and domestic building №2, in the inner courtyard of the NPP. The new chief of MFH-6, captain Pridatko, organized the rescue operation to bring out the "Kibenok's fighting vehicle". The main goal was to perpetuate the memory of the firemen dead after the fire extinguishing on the power unit. It became evident that the Ural was on the rail with damaged chassis and in the high enough radiation. By the chief's thoughts fire units, three people each had to come quickly on a tank to the tanker, hook it with a rope, align the wheels and pull it off the rail to tow to the road, for all the operation the unit was given one minute. The firemen had been training for two weeks on the Ural, especially having dug its wheels, until they were in the time given by the captain Pridatko. Thanks to high-level skills, despite the jammed steering wheel of the Ural, the firemen coped within 63 seconds and towed the car to fire department of town Pripyat. After the sludge, "natural decontamination" and sanitation the firemen hoped to use a vehicle as a monument on a postament, but the radioactive contamination of Viktor's Kibenok fighting vehicle was too high. 


     Staying until the autumn the vehicle was buried by concreting in on of their trunks "Old construction base"  

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