Crimes in Prypiat


Pripyat Before and After the accident:

     Pripyat - a ghost town, a deserted town, a city of unfulfilled dreams, a jungle city - many more similar expressions can be found on the Internet. Often, you can stumble upon articles about the city, where it was compared to a model city, the standard of Soviet urban planning, the dream of a Soviet person. This is not surprising because the city is dead, but the dead are either good or nothing. But still, it will be a question of the crimes in Pripyat, from the beginning to today.


     City of dreams - Pripyat, really built according to a unique project. Everything was designed for the convenience and needs of Pripyat. In the city there were 27 nationalities, and all were treating each other with respect and understanding. Truly, children themselves were released into the courtyards, and apartments were often not locked up, but personal property thefts were everywhere and always - even in Pripyat. Often they stole bicycles and boats. Mostly conflicts occurred on domestic topics, on the day of receiving a salary and its “washing”. In the play “Sarcophagus” by V. Gubarev, a thief, on the night of the accident, robbed one of the Pripyat apartments and ran off on a bicycle. There were also quite loud murders in the city - one of such was hanging in 1974 of two people on a horizontal bar, and ten years later the murder of a young girl in Pripyat hostel. Guys came to her, obviously, drunk, the girl began to drive them out and received a fatal blow to the head with a fist. In 1975, there was an armed robbery of a savings bank at the Yanov railway station and a department store on Druzhby Narodov Street. There were also times, beginning in the 1980s, when the police dispersed companies of more than three people, and mass fights mainly between Pripyat guys and newcomers often happened. There was even an exhibitionist in Pripyat who frightened girls with his “merits”. Still, there were people in the city dissatisfied with the Soviet authorities, since in 1985 a kind of revolt took place. A crowd of young people turned over several cars and was in serious conflict with law enforcement agencies. But still, quite good statistics for the 16 years of life in the city of Pripyat. This also has a logical explanation, because the basis of the population was made up of highly skilled workers and engineers, in whose interests there was a prestigious job at the nuclear power plant, where people with spoiled reputation were not allowed.


     The peaceful life of Pripyat ended on April 27, and in the evening the city was empty. Less than a day after the evacuation, the police detained twice convicted and, one can say, the first marauder in the city. In the first days, weeks, the main influx of thefts fell on the apartments in which the party, civilian leadership lived, because there was something to steal. The drivers of contracting organizations were stealing,they were mainly hired for the removal of things of Pripyat residents to the so-called "burial grounds" for burial. After a while, each Pripyat microdistrict was fenced with a barbed wire fence, and the houses and entrances were set under alarm. But this did not stop some. Marauders knocked out a window on the ground floor, climbed in, and climbed all over the house, throwing radioactive goods out of the windows. It is no longer a secret to anyone that the militiamen who were guarding the city and who had access to the alarm system also pocketed themselves decorations, electronics, and other goods of citizens. Later, all things were buried in the "burial grounds", and almost the next day, the marauders come and dig it all out,then these things scattered across the expanses of the Soviet Union. In the 2000s, "workers" began to cut wiring in Pripyat, to uproot metal, cut off railings, etc. The destruction of the city was the so-called mass export of cast iron batteries, at the same time, the activists detained marauders, with a whole KAMAZ metal and batteries. The last devastation in 2014 was the digging of communication pipes in the city. Both back then and today the modern police is simply unable to control about 13 thousand apartments of the dead city. Pripyat slowly but surely collapses under the influence of time and the efforts of nature. No one knows how much the city has left.



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