Disposal point for radioactive waste - "Buryakivka"

The burial ground for radioactive equipment "Buryakivka"

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     PZRO (Radioactive Waste Disposal Center) “Buryakovka” is a trench-site sedimentation tank (repository) of radioactive waste.

     "Buryakovka" got its name from the village of the same name, whose inhabitants were subsequently resettled with severe pollution. The village is located at a distance of 50 kilometers from the city of Chernobyl.

     The RWDF was created in the first months of the accident response. The decontamination of buildings and premises, the clearing of the Chernobyl industrial site, all this led to the formation of a huge amount of radioactive waste, which even then had to be localized somewhere.

     The place for the burial of radioactive objects was chosen taking into account geological conditions. The fact is that the territory of Polesie has groundwater, which is very close to the surface of the earth, so the place was chosen on one of the elevated areas where groundwater is located at a depth of more than 20 meters. Thus, even in cases of the formation of a crack in the shell of the trench of the repository, radioactive substances will penetrate deep into it very slowly - for many hundreds of years.

     Basically, the Buryakovka sedimentation tank is a large field enclosed by a fence, which houses about 30 trenches in which a lot of radioactive materials are buried, and a platform on which dirty equipment is located, which took part in the liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident.

     The repository trenches are a near-surface repository, which means the location of radioactive waste from special trenches on the soil surface. The walls and bottom of the trenches are covered with a meter-long layer of compacted clay, which plays the role of the main barrier. After laying the radioactive materials in the trench, they are tamped with a special bulldozer, then the trench was laid on top with a meter layer of clay, sprinkled with earth and planted with perennial grasses, thus fulfilling the function of protection from the effects of nature and destruction. The size of such a trench is 150 by 50 meters.

     In the southeastern part of the burial ground there is a platform for sludge equipment, which took part in the liquidation of the accident. Most of the equipment carried out their work on the Chernobyl industrial site, and on the territory of the 10 kilometer zone, therefore they were more susceptible to infection than the equipment that was located in Rassokh. The sump is a concrete platform on which the equipment is arranged in rows. Here you can see the buildings of Mi-8 helicopters, fire engines, military equipment (BRDM, BTR, IMR), tankers, etc.

     The RWDF is managed by a state-owned enterprise, the Central Radioactive Waste Management Enterprise. The staff that serves the burial ground consists of security officers and dosimetrists - about 20 people.

     To date, more than 1.3 million tons of radioactive waste have already been buried in the repository (accident response equipment, Chernobyl nuclear power plant structures and materials, and more).


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