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Radiometer for active beta particle contamination

Very often our guests have a question about how visitors to the exclusion zone are monitored for radioactive contamination when leaving the same Zone? You can find the answer to this question in our article!

Today we will talk about one of the many dosimetric devices, namely, about the dosimetry control stands installed at all sanitary barriers in the Chernobyl zone. RZB 04-04 counter (radiometer of contamination with beta-active radionuclides) is one of the main control points that our tourists pass while in the Chernobyl zone. This terrible-looking, but trouble-free as a Kalashnikov assault rifle, the Soviet installation is designed to detect active beta particles on the skin and outer clothing of a person. As a rule, such installations are located at the exit from the dirty areas, at the exit from the showers to the free-mode area, at the exit from the sanitary inspection rooms, at the entrance to wardrobes or dining rooms.

Using the example of the Chernobyl zone, we will tell you exactly where these racks are found and what is the principle of their work.


  • Our tourists meet the dosimetric control counter No.1 at the entrance to the canteen on the territory of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant before eating.
  • Next is the counter number 2 when leaving the ten-kilometer zone on the territory of the control and dosimetry point "Lelev".
  • And the very last control counter is located at the exit from the Exclusion Zone on the territory of the Dityatki control and dosimetry point.


Also, RZB counters can meet at the Semihody checkpoint before boarding a special train and at the exit from the ZSR of the strict regime zone (exit from the “golden corridor”, ChNPP) in front of the sanitary inspection room. Analogues of such radiation control racks can be found on the territory of canteens in the city of Chernobyl.

Now let's take a closer look at how they work.
The stand itself is made in the form of a frame that is somewhat reminiscent of a metal detector at the airport. The case is presented from two frames and a base with detecting units, and an information processing unit mounted in a typical case. On the base there are from 12 to 16 detecting units, in other words, sensors that capture beta particles. Also, the stand is equipped with a display panel that shows areas of the body. The rack is equipped with light and sound alarms, which notify when the set threshold is exceeded.

Using the RZB rack is actually quite simple.


To carry out the measurement, it is necessary to stand on the control sensors of the soles of the shoes facing the indicator panel; move the movable panel towards you until it stops; put your hands with palms on the detecting units. After that the "MEASUREMENT" signal should turn on. After it appears, after about 4-5 seconds, the signal "CLEAN" or "DIRTY" will appear.
When the signal "CLEAN" appears, the lock will open, slightly move the striker plate and exit the device. If, after exiting the rack, the bar lock does not close, close it by lightly pressing the bar.
When the signal "DIRTY" appears, identify the contaminated area on the display panel, move the movable panel and go back to replace or decontaminate clothes, shoes or decontaminate the skin.

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