River port of Pripyat

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River port of Pripyat
     In the 1970s and 1980s, water transport developed rapidly in the Soviet Union. The transport of goods and passengers by water has become a convenient way of transportation. As you know, in Pripyat there was a river station, which was located on the Yanovsky Zaton, where high-speed hydrofoil passenger boats cruised along the Kiev-Chernobyl-Pripyat route - Rocket or Meteor. Yanovsky Zaton is an artificial reservoir specially created for the needs of Pripyat. In the backwash, in addition to the river station of Pripyat, on the opposite bank of the city there is a river port, which was supposed to serve for the delivery of building materials: the construction of the third phase of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the further construction of Pripyat.

     Before the disaster, Yanovsky Zaton had access to the Pripyat River. Today, the backwater is a closed body of water that has no connection with the river, because in connection with the accident of the 4th block, a lot of "radioactive waste" fell into the water, which threatened to contaminate the adjacent waters.

     The river port is: three cranes, one of which squinted into the water due to the collapse of the pier; the pier itself and storage facilities. Previously, the junction was located on the territory of the port, which is now dismantled.


Harbor cranes
     The type of cranes located in the port - “KPP 10 / 12.5” - in the decoding stands for “portal loading crane” - is intended for transshipment of bulk and piece (solid) cargo when working with a grab or hook. Designations 10 / 12.5 indicate the load capacity of the crane, namely: 10 tons - load capacity with a grab; 12.5 tone - load capacity hook. What is a grab? A grab is a lifting device for lifting materials.

     The gantry crane had the ability to fully rotate, the movement was carried out on rails. The height of such a crane is 30 meters. The width of the path along which the crane moves is 10 meters. It was supplied from a cable line of 380 watts.

     The river port has not been commissioned as an infrastructure facility. Before the accident, he was only tested. After the accident, one of the cranes was used to eliminate its consequences.


Purpose of the gantry crane during the emergency period
     The liquidators told how they arrived at the river port on BRDM-ah (Soviet combat reconnaissance vehicle) and, as part of fire engines, decontaminated the cranes and the surrounding area, using a special solution, since it was necessary to prepare a site for receiving goods along the Pripyat river for the construction of the Sarcophagus ".

     After decontamination, a couple of days later the first barge with dry-mixed concrete (a mixture of cement, sand, gravel) moored to the pier. Which was then delivered by truck-mounted concrete mixers (a truck for transporting concrete) to the Chernobyl industrial site. According to the liquidators, in the crane cabin it was very hot and there was a high level of radiation (about 3,000,000 μR / hour with a norm of 0.3 μR / hour), it happened that crane operators simply could not stand it and lost consciousness, so they tried to work do fast.


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