Rivers of Chornobyl Exclusion Zone

Water reservoirs of Chornobyl Exclusion Zone

     The water bodies of the Chernobyl Zone are represented mainly by the river system - Pripyat, Uzh, Braginka, Sakhan, Illya.

     As for Lakes, here there are not so many of them. The most famous - Glyboke, Daleke, Azbuchin.

     Also, the reservoirs should include a cooling pond for the Chernobyl nuclear power plant with an area of ​​22 square kilometers.



Braginka River.

     Braginka - a river in Belarus and Ukraine, is a left tributary of the Pripyat River. Refers to the basin of the Dnipro. The length of the river is 179 km. Braginka originates near the town of Khoiniki, Gomel region, and flows into the Pripyat River.

     Trees, shrubs, field and meadow flowers, as well as grasses characteristic for the climatic conditions of the region, grow along its banks.

     The river is partially located in the Exclusion Zone, and therefore the radiation monitoring of the river is carried out.



The Sakhan River.

     Sakhan is a river in Ukraine, in the Ivankovsky district of the Kiev region. Right tributary of Pripyat, (Dnipro basin).

     The length of the river is about 13 kilometers. Formed by many streams, ponds and fully channeled.

     It originates from the northeast side of the village Rechitsia. At first it flows to the southeast through Stari Shepelychi, further to the northeast through Novoshepelichi and then into the Pripyat River.

     Due to the Chernobyl accident, the Sakhan River is located in the zone with radiation contamination above the permissible norms.



River Ilya.

     Ilya is the left tributary of the Uzh River, flowing through the Gomel region of Belarus and the Kiev region of Ukraine.

     The length is 48 km.

     The river originates from south of the village Gabrileevka, Gomel region. The river flows from the northwest to the south-east along the Narovlya district, Polessky district, and Ivankovsky district. It flows into the Uzh River north of the abandoned village of Bychki which is located on the border of the 30 km perimeter of the Exclusion Zone.

     There is a version that it was the Ilya River that gave the name to the village of Ilintsy which is three kilometers away.

     The right tributaries of the Illya are Perevarka, Vyalcha, Rudava. Left tributaries: Maryanovka, Ilcha.

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