Chernobyl Robotics


Exposition of robotics participating in the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident in 1986.

     To eliminate the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986, special robots were developed. Robotics was created with the aim of maximally eliminating the fate of people in this dangerous work. The robots had to work at high radiation levels, conduct radiation reconnaissance, sort out rubble, move over complex surfaces and exclude highly radioactive materials from the zone of the 4th Chernobyl NPP unit for their further burial. But, unfortunately, not all robots had to do their job, so how many equipment failed due to high radioactive fields, their motherboards simply melted from the radiation. For example, two German robots "MF-2", "MF-3" - radio-controlled loaders, worked at the station for only a few hours, after which the electronics failed, the robot "Beloyarets" expected to use the same role, which they wanted to use for work on the roof of the hall.


     The exposition of robotics, which was open by April 26, 2011, is:
“Mobot-Ch-HV” and “Mobot-Ch-HV-2” in translation Mobile robot - Chernobyl - chemical troops. The robot conducted radiation reconnaissance and cleaning the roof of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant from radioactive materials that were formed as a result of the explosion on the 4-block. I worked for 1000 hours to eliminate the consequences.

The STR-1 robot (a specialized transport robot), or as it is also called the “lunar rover”, was developed for cleaning the Chernobyl roof. Dozens of scientific institutes created robots, and in a record three and a half months. On the roof of the third block, STR-1 was delivered by MI-8 helicopters. In addition to cleaning the roof, the robot was used for radiation reconnaissance and inspection of the territory with the help of television cameras. The robot worked at a level of 3000 R / hour and in some places reached 10,000 R / hour. The robot worked on the roof for as long as 10 hours, which saved about 1000 people from exposure, and as a result, radiation levels decreased by up to 20 times.

KOMATSU - a robot developed by a Japanese company, was used to carry out reconnaissance of the radiation situation. A radio-controlled bulldozer - amphibian, which could work even under water, quickly lost its working capacity from received doses of radiation.

Manipulator Foresteri (hoisting device) - manipulator of the Finnish factory. Italian robots Foresteri-1 and Foresteri-2 were intended for cleaning the roof of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The doses of radiation quickly lost their efficiency.


     Also on the site is military equipment:
Decontamination machine ARS-14 (Auto-filling station) - was used to decontaminate vehicles, territories, objects, with a special liquid solution. The car is mounted on the Zil-131 base chassis and is a set of: tanks, pipelines, pumps.

BRDM-2 - an armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle, and in short - a reconnaissance vehicle. In the 86th, machines were used for reconnaissance, but not military, but radiation, as their armor contributed at least some protection against the penetration of radiation.

Btr-70 is a Soviet armored personnel carrier, a wheeled-amphibious combat vehicle, for transporting personnel or is intended for the use of weapons, which consists of a machine gun. On April 26, residents of Pripyat could watch such cars on the streets of the city. The territory of the exclusion zone turned out to be large, therefore, transport was needed to move quickly, there was cross-country ability, and most importantly, maximum protection from the effects of radiation. Even to improve protection against the effects of radiation, lead sheets were stuffed on armored cars and in the cabin.


Excursions and tours to the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

     The exposition of robotics is included in the program of our excursions. You can also choose the most suitable tour for yourself, which we organize as part of our activities. If you go with us on a tour, you will hear the exciting stories of our guides who have been exploring the secrets of the Chernobyl zone for many years. You can also familiarize yourself with other options for one-day and multi-day tours to the Chernobyl zone and choose the appropriate format for a group or individually (private) tour. For example, there is a unique opportunity to meet the sunset in Pripyat, explore the city at night, visit unusual places in Pripyat, get acquainted with the NPP control panel, go to the twin city of Pripyat - Slavutich, tell the secrets of the super-secret town of Chernobyl-2, which is not on any map . To do this, just sign up for any date in the calendar of tours, or call us. We recommend renting a personal dosimeter - a device for measuring background radiation, which will constantly inform you about the level of radiation conditions in the area where you are. In memory of visiting the Chernobyl zone, you can buy souvenirs from us. For our guests, we provide a special “tourist kit” which includes: water, wet and dry wipes, company leaflet, respirator. Follow the instructions of the attendant, be careful and careful when walking. Thank you for choosing CHERNONYL ADVENTURE for your trip.

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