Chernobyl robots (Part-4)

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Mobile robot - Mobot-Ch-HV


The mobot is the first prototype of the robot, which was designed by the Bauman Moscow State Technical University at the department, which today has the name "Multipurpose tracked vehicles and mobile robots" specifically to eliminate the Chernobyl accident. The robot had working equipment for cleaning the roof of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, as well as equipment for conducting radiation reconnaissance. The first robot was named Mobot-Ch-HV. The abbreviation of the name means the following: the word Mobot is a mobile robot, the letter "Ch" means Chernobyl, and XB means chemical troops.

The developers of the Mobot-Ch-KhV robot are V.N. Shvedov, V.V. Dorotov, A.V. Kalinin, M.R. Chumakov. Mobot-Ch-KhV together with other robots designed by Soviet engineers, such as the STR-1 robot, and the Klin-1 robotic complex performed the largest amount of work among other robotic systems that were involved in eliminating the Chernobyl accident.

The team of engineers was able to quickly create a robot thanks to the experience they already had in creating robotic tools. Three years before the Chernobyl accident, in 1983, scientists created the first model of such a robot. In fact, the work on the creation of a robot for the Chernobyl NPP served as the basis for the creation of a whole design and technical bureau for mobile robots, which exists and works (develops robots) today.

The main characteristics of the robot - Mobot-Ch-HV:

  • The total weight of the robot is 430 kg;
  • The mobot is equipped with a tracked chassis;
  • The robot is equipped with a cable power supply (cable length 200 meters).

Due to its small size and high maneuverability and mobility, the Mobot-Ch-KhV had a good performance. On the elimination of the accident, it worked about 1000 hours, cleared more than 11000 square meters of surfaces.


The very next year, in the spring of 1987, the designers prepared a second, more advanced, model of the robot. She received the name Mobot-Ch-HV-2.

Two copies of the Mobot-Ch-KhV-2 were delivered to the ChNPP. The robots were used to clean the roof of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant from radioactive materials that were thrown there during the explosion of the reactor. In addition to decontamination of the roof, robots were used to perform concreting of the Chernobyl NPP roof. Mobot-Ch-KhV-2 practically completed the entire scope of work, starting with cleaning (decontamination) and preparation for concreting the roof, virtually without involving human physical labor.


According to some sources, Mobot-Ch-KhV-2 was used in June 1987 for work in the ChNPP turbine hall.
The Chernobyl robots of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University initiated the creation of a whole series of robots. For example, let's talk about the latest robot model - the Mobile Robotic Complex MRK-61.

MRK-61 is designed to perform rescue operations, inspections, as well as for loading and unloading operations. The robotic complex is able to conduct video surveillance, assess the chemical and radiation situation. It can be used to remove detected highly active sources of ionizing radiation.

The MRK-61 is equipped with a tracked chassis, a manipulator, four television cameras, a microphone, lighting devices, and also has a system for attachments.

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