Prypiat's Police Station


     Pripyat - the city of nuclear scientists, was one of the youngest cities in Ukraine, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant's satellite. The population of the city was almost 50 thousand people, 27 nationalities. Every year the increase in population was over 1500 people. According to the city’s construction project, Pripyat was supposed to accommodate about 80 thousand inhabitants. The city had everything people needed for a comfortable life. Living there was almost the dream of a Soviet man. Pripyat should have become a city in which crime was completely absent.


     The structure of the bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs counted on the presence in the cities of such type as Pripyat, of its ROVD, where the city police provided the protection of public order.


     But in Pripyat and in any other city, theft of personal property was commonplace. Often bicycles and boats were stolen. Conflicts occurred mainly on domestic soil or an insult in public places or drinking alcohol in public places. Loud crimes during the life of the city in 1974 were the hanging of two people on a horizontal bar and the murder in 1984 of a young girl in a hostel. Guys came to her drunk, she began to drive them out and received a fatal blow to the head with a fist. Also, the residents of Pripyat remember the armed attack on the train station of Yanov, which is located near Pripyat, and the robbery of the city department store in 1975 on Druzhby Narodov Street. The Pripyat youth was also not particularly different: fights between city and newcomers happened all the time, and it happened that the police dispersed people in the amount of more than three people.


Post-accident period.

     After the catastrophe, on the night of April 26, an alarm went off in the Pripyat city police station. The duty officer immediately sent a task force to the station. A few minutes later it was reported that there was a fire at the station. An alarm raised the entire staff of the department. When it became clear that at the station there was not only a fire, but also an explosion of the reactor. Urgent measures were created to ensure the protection of the population. Already on April 26, checkpoints were created and roads that led to the nuclear plant were blocked. After evacuation on April 27, 1986, the police performed the functions of guarding the city. And even less than a day after the evacuation, a twice convict was arrested in Pripyat and one can say the first marauder. The entire city, enterprises, shops, apartments and other institutions fell on the shoulders of the police. In 1986, each of the Pripyat microdistricts was surrounded by a barbed wire fence and an alarm system was installed on almost every house. The Pripyat ROVD continued to function partially after 1986, but soon the building was abandoned.



Excursions to the Chernobyl Zone, the city of Chernobyl, Chernobyl NPP, Pripyat.

     The building of the Pripyat police station is a four-story building, which is located at the intersection of Kurchatov Street and Lesya Ukrainka. Being on an excursion with the company CHERNOBYL ADVENTURE you can explore this object along with our experienced guides, who will tell you amazing facts and history about this area in generaland in details. In the police building you can find another model of the city of Pripyat, walk along dark corridors that lead to the temporary detention center, examine the investigators' offices and possibly stumble upon secret documents, protocols and other documentation, see the remains of the vehicles on the territory that were used during the accident. The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is a monument of man-made disaster that changed the history of the USSR, an open-air museum.CHERNOBYL ADVENTURE Team invites you on an amazing and exciting journey. See you on the tour!

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