Red forest


Red Forest (Ukrainian: Rudiy Lis), sometimes Rusty Forest, Red Forest

     As a result of the explosion at the fourth Chernobyl nuclear power unit on April 26, 1986, a large amount of radioactive substances fell into the environment. Reports on the radiation situation in the Chernobyl zone claimed that the pollution of the territory was uneven and "spotty" in nature. In this regard, several areas were identified that were most susceptible to contamination with radionuclides.

     One of these areas was the western trace. The radioactive cloud extended westward from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

     At the base of this “footprint” is the well-known “Red Forest” - a section of pine forest (with a territory of one hundred hectares), destroyed as a result of radiation exposure. That night, April 26, 1986, this pine forest that separated the nuclear power plant and the city of Pripyat was the first to take a merciless radioactive strike. Pines, like a sponge, absorbed radioactive dust and within thirty minutes after the explosion, their needles and branches received a harmful dose of radiation, after which they got a reddish tint.

     During the liquidation of the accident, who decided to destroy the forest, since its dead, dry trees represented a great danger, because at any moment a fire could arise and the radioactive cloud could again be in the air. Therefore, in order to avoid additional risk, in 1986-1988 the forest was cut down, felled with the help of engineering vehicles (IMR, BAT-2) and buried in special trenches right on the spot, from which the burial site was called - “(PVLRO) Red Forest” .

     Over time, new young pines began to grow in the burial area, gradually restoring the ecosystem. Until today, the site of the red forest is studied by biologists and ecologists, namely, the effect of radiation on trees and small animals (field mice) is studied.

Excursions and tours to the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

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     We recommend renting a personal dosimeter - a device for measuring background radiation, which will constantly inform you about the level of radiation conditions in the area where you are.

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     We give each tourist CHERNOBYL ADVENTURE a special set of useful things and personal protective equipment, show photo and video materials from the personal and state archives during the tour.

     Follow the instructions of the attendant, be careful and careful when walking. Thank you for choosing CHERNONYL ADVENTURE for your trip to Chernobyl and Pripyat.

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