Self resettlers


       Self resettlers ("Samosely") - the civilian population of the Exclusion Zone. These are people who returned after their evacuation in 1986 to their homes in the Zone. The term “autocracy” was invented by journalists back in the 80s, and it is still used in official documents to this day.


     People returned mostly elderly. The average age of "samosel" is 63 years.

     And the fact that they are called "autocrat" for them is insulting, they say: "as so we returned back to our homes, but they also called us names".


     The first information about the "Self resettlers" appeared in the documents of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in 1988, but in fact it all started much earlier. The fact is that when in 1986 a wave of evacuation surged, not all people left their homes. Some residents hid in the woods, hid in attics or cellars. Of course, they were gradually revealed by army or police patrols, but then there was no system or responsibility.


     Why are they back? People had little money, and they could only count on a harvest from their own land, they also had a longing for their native home.


     In 1988, the Chernobyl District Department of Internal Affairs records more than a thousand “Self resettlers”. The wave of return was provoked by statements about the victory over the "peaceful atom" and the imminent return of people to the southern part of the Exclusion Zone. And while the government is dealing with the situation, more than a thousand people penetrate the territory of the Zone. Some tried to evict again, but the majority remained, and the authorities had to put up with the situation.


     At the moment, “self-settling people” live in the following localities: Kupovatoye, Opachichi, Novye Shepelichi, Otashev, Paryshev, Chernobyl and others.


     The main source of existence of these people is the household - bees, chickens, cows, pigs, a vegetable garden and a garden, as well as picking mushrooms, berries, fishing, and sometimes hunting.


     It must be said that people here are not left to the mercy of fate. In order to ensure the life of the “moblings”, many services of the Exclusion Zone work: medical unit, police, foresters, postmen, etc.


     Even in cases of death there is an instruction in which it is appointed that foresters must make a coffin, and the transport company must provide a bus.


     Relatives can check out “Self resettlers” without any problems: the regime department lists them, a pass is issued at the “Dityatki” checkpoint.


     The radiation status of the “autocrat” residential areas is periodically monitored by the radiation-ecological monitoring of the Exclusion Zone.


     Excursions and tours to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and Pripyat

     You can visit the “Self resettlers”, hear the history and evacuation of 1986 from the first mouth, or you can listen to their existence as part of multi-day and private tours. Meeting with the "self-governing" is one of the strong impressions of trips to the Chernobyl Zone. You will see their traditional image of the Polesie life, hear stories about encounters with wolves, elks or boars that are ruining the gardens. Well, for the daredevils you can try the local Chernobyl tincture. For your convenience, CHERNOBYL ADVENTURE has developed several variants of tours to the Chernobyl Zone:


     One day sightseeing tour. The route includes the main objects of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

     Individual tours. The program and the route is made taking into account the wishes of visitors.

     Exclusive travel. Tours to objects that tourists do not attend on regular trips: night walks around the city of Pripyat, excursions to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the disposal facility of liquidators.


     Excursion to the Zone of Alienation is a kind of adventure in which you can completely immerse yourself in the nature of Polesye or in the post-apocalyptic world. Here, in this place, everyone will find their own atmosphere. Each tourist CHERNOBYL ADVENTURE is issued a special set of useful things and personal protective equipment, showing photo and video materials from the personal and state archives during the tour.


     Follow the guide’s instructions, be careful and careful while walking. Thank you for choosing CHERNONYL ADVENTURE for traveling to Chernobyl and Pripyat.

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