Secret military town of Chernobyl-2


The town that does not exist

     "Chernobyl-2" is a secret military town, which is nestled in the "Polesie jungle" at a distance of ten kilometers from the satellite of the Pripyat nuclear power plant, and about eight kilometers to the north-west from the world-famous city of Chernobyl. Accordingly, in this former settlement, more than 1,500 servicemen served the steel giant monster, which was given the name - over-the-horizon radar station (OHRS) or “Duga-1”, which was led by Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Musiets. If you take the Soviet topographic map, you will not find the name of this town, most likely you will get the designation, as an inactive pioneer camp. This is not surprising, since this place was one of the top secret in the Soviet Union. But because of the large size of the radar, whose height was about 150 meters, both the local population and the inhabitants of Pripyat with high-rise buildings could observe the building from a distance, realizing that it was a radar station, but preferred not to talk about it in the rumor.



     The infrastructure of the secret town consisted of two parts - the technical territory, and the area for the residence of military personnel. The village had all the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable life. In the city there were: a school, a kindergarten, apartment five-story buildings, a hotel, a club, a shop, a military unit, a stadium, a car park, a hostel, a library, a music school, a fire department and a sanitary unit that were located on the only street called Kurchatov.


Start of operation

     In general, the OHRS was put into use at the end of May 1982. But at the beginning of the use with the radio complex, difficulties arose that could not put an end to and pass the object on the combat duty of the air defense of the USSR. For example, while working on the air, the radar made noises in the form of clicks. NATO military called this design "Russian woodpecker" because of the peculiar sound. It is rumored that the antenna interfered with civilian air travel and fishing fleets of European countries, due to the coincidence of terrestrial frequencies. Until 1985, the Duga was undergoing a series of improvements, which made it possible to take it on combat duty of the air defense of the Soviet Union. And in 1986, the radar installation was completely improved and began to undergo a state inspection. No one knows whether it would be possible for developers to bring the system to perfection or not, but everything changed on April 26, 1986.


City closure

     The disaster of the fourth power unit of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, turned the fate of not only the thousands of residents of Polesie and Pripyat, who were evacuated from the radioactive territory, but also appointed the fate of a secret facility. After the accident OHRS was removed from combat duty. The entire population of the town, hastily evacuated from the radioactive disaster zone on April 27, 1986. The Chernobyl-2 infrastructure was not immediately closed. Until 1987, the town was mothballed. When it became clear that the operation of radar in an environmental disaster is impossible, the management ordered the complete closure of the city. It was decided to dismantle the unique, valuable construction equipment and take it to the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur - near which was located the first OHRS built in 1975. So an amazing and non-standard object that patrolled the USSR space ionosphere ceased to function, and the city and city infrastructure was abandoned and abandoned.


A military secret

     Although more than thirty years have passed, still this object remains to be secret in our time. Rumor has it that Chernobyl-2 has an underground command post where the main power of the complex was located, tracking of Europe and the USA, and combat duty. Some say it is a bunker that was developed in case of war. But unfortunately, we will not be able to find out, because after the complete evacuation the underground structures were flooded, and only the officers who served there were flooded there or were there.


Excursions and tours to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

     Chernobyl - 2 - an object that is included in the compulsory program of all our excursions. To learn more about the secret city, we recommend at least using our two day tour. A special and unforgettable impression "Chernobyl 2" makes a bird's-eye view. Sign up for a tour now, you can visit a place that is not on any map of the world. You can see with your own eyes the command center, which has kept the Soviet military secrets. Where were the control panels in the premises, inscriptions of Soviet slogans, posters on which were written types of missiles, which should be monitored by the Duga OHRS, remnants of Soviet visual agitation. Fans of the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. having been in "Chernobyl-2", be sure to recognize this place as one of the key locations of the cult game. We recommend to rent a personal dosimeter - a device for measuring background radiation, which will constantly inform you about the level of the radiation situation in the area where you are. Also you can

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