The village Cherevach

Abandoned village on Chornobyl Exclusion Zone

     Cherevach is an abandoned village, which is located 26 kilometers from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, and 9 kilometers from the city of Chernobyl. Located on the banks of the river Uzh. Unfortunately, the exact year of origin of the village is unknown. But it is known that in 1864 430 people already lived in the Cherevach, among the inhabitants were 72 Roman Catholics and 34 Jews. The inhabitants here were mainly engaged in farming. In 1798, in Cherevach, there was a wooden church of the John the Baptist's Beheading, together with it was also built parochial school. Unfortunately, the church was ransacked in 1928, and it was closed.


     The village was divided into two parts - lowland river bank (Maly Cherevach) and upland (Bolshoy Cherevach). Also, in Cherevach there was a collective farm center “Zarya”, for which 2.2 thousand hectares were assigned. It is known that in the village there were an eight-year school, a club, a library. Before the accident in 1986, Cherevach was part of the Chernobyl region and was the center of the village council where the villages of Rudnia Veresnya and Yampol were subordinated to. By 1986, there were 630 people in the village. The village of Cherevach was relocated after severe contamination with radionuclides, it was officially removed from the register only in 1999.


     Often, near the village you can meet the Przhevalsky horses, which were brought here in 1998 from the reserve Askania-Nova as an experiment in the framework of the “Fauna” program, in the amount of 22 individuals. First, the horses were kept in the enclosure, not far from the city of Chernobyl, then a year later they were released into the wild. In the summer of 2018, scientists from the Askania-Nova reserve and the Kiev zoo monitored to determine the total number of horses that live in the Exclusion Zone. According to the results of the study, they stated that about 110 Przhevalsky horses live in the Chernobyl Zone. Therefore, passing through the village of Cherevach, it is quite common for our tourist groups to meet these noble horses, which have become almost a symbol of the forbidden zone.


     As previously mentioned, the village of Cherevach is located on the banks of the Uzh River (the right tributary of the Pripyat River). The road bridge passes through the river Uzh, or as the local call it Cherevatsky bridge. It should be noted that before there was a ferry. This bridge was built in the 70s, when they began to build the Chernobyl NPP. After the construction of the bridge, it became more convenient to transport building materials to the construction site of the nuclear power plant.


     At the moment, the village is completely abandoned, the only attraction is the forester's house, which is comfortably furnished.



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     The village of Cherevach is abandoned and looted today, like most of the settlements of the Exclusion Zone. But, the CHERNOBYL ADVENTURE team always can ensure a special atmosphere, no matter where you are. For your convenience, we have developed several travel options so that you can get acquainted with the sights of the Chernobyl Zone as much as possible, even if you go for one day.

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