The village Illintsi

Abandoned village of Chornobyl area

     Ilintsy is a former village located to the west of the former district center, city of Chernobyl, at a distance of 30 kilometers.

     The name of the village comes from the river Ilya, which flows 3 km to the west.


     The village is first mentioned in historical documents in 1783. Probably, the mention is connected with the church, which was located in the village. The inscription on the cross, which is installed on the place where the church stood, testifies that the Church of the Virgin's Nativity was built in Ilintsi in 1742, therefore it is likely that the village has a more ancient history.


     The temple was assigned to the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Assumption in the village of Stechanka. When it was built there a parochial schoolwas opened. There was also a wooden chapel, which was built in 1913. The church was destroyed in 1964, at the same time a club was built from the leftovers of the building materials.

     Ilintsy did not belong to any lord, the village was in the State Property, the peasants were personally free.

     To the village council were subordinated the settlements of Rudnya-Ilinetskaya and Staraya Krasnitsa.

     There was a school in the village also it had a boarding school for children from neighboring villages, a club, a library.

     Before the Chernobyl accident, 1059 people lived in the village.

     In 1986, all residents were resettled as a result of the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, but later returned somewhere, as “self-settlers”, or completely neglected the evacuation and disappeared from the military’s sight.

     After the disaster, one of the military units that took part in the liquidation of the disaster was located here.

     For believers who stayed in the Chernobyl Zone after the accident, one of the abandoned houses of the village was equipped as a prayer house. For some time, the village of Ilintsy was one of the most populated points of the Exclusion Zone - “the capital of self-settlers,” because, as previously mentioned, some residents refused to evacuate or returned.


     As of 2006, about 40 people lived in the village.

     As of 2013, only two permanent residents remained there.

     In 1999 the village was removed from the register due to the alienation of residents.

In 2015 part of the village burned down. At the given moment the village is completely abandoned.

     The closest centers of civilization to the village are the Dibrova checkpoint and the Lubyanka forester base.


     Excursions to the Chernobyl Zone, the city of Chernobyl, Chernobyl NPP, Pripyat.

     The village of Ilintsy looks like the most common Polissya village - well-kept, with houses painted in bright colors.

     The Chernobyl Zone is very rich in history. In 1986, about 80 settlements were evacuated. Each village of the Polesia Territory has a special appearance, safety and indescribable atmosphere. Our team of professionals in CHERNOBYL ADVENTURE, will not only tell you about these places, but also show you the most secret corners of the restricted area. Chernobyl Exclusion Zone - is the open-air monument (museum). At one point, everything stopped at around April 26th. People resettled, and the objects remained.

      We invite you to visit these unique objects: Duga-1 radar station for tracking missile launches in the United States during the Cold War; the Jupiter plant in Pripyat, which was rumored to produce not only radio engineering, but also systems for the defense needs of the USSR; the unfinished 5th power unit of the ChNPP; equipment of liquidators and much more.

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