The village Kliviny

Abandoned village of Chornobyl Exclusion Zone

     Kliviny - a former village in Ukraine, located 32 kilometers to the west from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, and 27 kilometers north-east of the former district center Polesskoe.


     The time of foundation of the village is not established. It is known that in 1864 106 people lived in the village, in 1887 - 139 people.


     The village is divided into two parts, since in the middle the swampy river Ilya (left tributary of the river Uzh) flows into which the Rudava river flows on the north of the village.


     Residents of the village were engaged mainly in agriculture. A sawmill and tar plants existed nearby.


     In 1900, 288 inhabitants lived in 47 yards of the village.


     In 1928, a couple of kilometers to the north of the village, the Chernihiv-Ovruch railway was laid, which eventually opened a stopping platform of the same name, to which a dirt road from the village leads.


     Until the mid-1970s, the settlements of Vesnyanoe and Staraya Rudnya were subordinated to the village council of Kliviny. Later Kliviny lost the status of the center of the village council. The village council center was moved to the village of Vesnyanoe.


     It is known that an elementary school, a club, a library, a shop functioned in the village, a production team of the Kuibyshev collective farm was located there.


     Before the Chernobyl accident in 1986, about 290 inhabitants lived in the village.


     The village was evicted as a result of 1986 severe radiation contamination. It was officially removed from the register in 1999, due to the lack of residents.



Excursions to the Chernobyl Zone, the city of Chernobyl, Chernobyl NPP, Pripyat.

     In fact, the village of Kliviny is in very poor condition. Over the past few decades, nature and time have affected the safety of the village. The only thing you can find there is a couple of houses that are more or less in good condition. But there is practically nothing left in the houses. Part of the houses on the west side of the village was burned out as a result of a fire back in the 90s. The bridge across the river Ilya, which connected the two parts of the village, also no longer exists, only the remains left. But, nevertheless, exploring the village, you can find the remains of a club, shop, there is a monument to the Second World War.


     Since 1986, more than 80 settlements have been evacuated on the territory of Kiev and Zhytomyr regions, this territory will be called the Zone of Alienation, since life on this area will be impossible for at least another two thousand years. The Polissya Territory is very rich in history. The CHERNOBYL ADVENTURE team will not only tell you the facts about the restricted area, but also show the most interesting locations and objects. You can explore the Jupiter plant in Pripyat, explore the unfinished 5th power unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, visit recreation centers, pioneer camps, see the liquidators' equipment, you can go deep into the forests to the once-secret military facility Chernobyl-2 (Duga-1). Everything will depend on your wishes, and what format of excursion you would choose.

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