The village Korogod

The village in the 30 km Zone

     Korogod is an abandoned village, located 15 kilometers to the west of the former district center, the city of Chernobyl.

     The village originated approximately in the XVII century. The name of the village is probably derived from the word “round dance”.

     According to history, the village was quite large, the only decrease in the number of inhabitants occurred during the plague epidemic.


     In 1779, the wooden church of the Transfiguration of God was built in Korogod. In 1893, a new wooden church was built. Following villages were related to it : Glyna, Raziezzhee. The number of church parishioners was 3286 individuals. Next to the church parochial school was built. Interestingly, the iconostasis of the church was donated by the monks of the Pochaev Lavra. In the spring of 1928, atheists came to Korogod to destroy the shrine. All church valuables were stolen by them, and icons and books were burned. Within a few weeks, the remains of the church were dismantled.


     It is known that an eight-year school, a kindergarten, a club, a library, a shop, a maternity hospital, and an atelier functioned in the village.

     Before the Chernobyl accident in the village lived 1395 people. People were resettled in 1986 in a new settlement called New Korogod of Borodyansky district.

     Korogod was removed from the register as a settlement in 1999.


     Now there is a fire tower in the village, where foresters are on duty, especially during fire hazard periods. The houses are in poor condition, almost all the windows, doors are knocked out and the floor is torn out. From time to time, you can find one of the herds of Przhevalsky horses, which were brought to the Exclusion Zone in 1998 as an experiment.



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