The village Mashevo

The left bank of Prypiat River

     Mashevo is a former village located in the ten-kilometer zone, north of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, on the left bank of Pripyat River. Located near the border with Belarus.


     One of the first written mentions of the village is dated 1685. In ancient times (before the 18th century) a church was built in the village, which was later transferred to the neighboring village of Krasno. In 1800, in Krasno, instead of the old church, was built the wooden church of the Archangel Michael.


     In 1864 - 314 people lived in the village, in 1887 - 522 people. In 1900 in 106 courtyyards there were 687 inhabitants, mainly engaged in farming.


     The reference book "History of towns and villages of the Ukrainian SSR" from1971 provides the following information about the village: "Mashevo is a village, the center of the village council, located 30 km from the district center and 9 km from the Zimovye railway station. The population is 596 people. Village Council subordinate settlement Krasno. In Mashevo there is a plot of the Pripyatsky state farms, the central estate of which is in the village of Zimovishche.


     In the village there was a secondary school, a club, a library, a hospital, there were 2 windmills, there is a memorial dedicated to the Second World War.


     On the eve of the Chernobyl accident 292 people lived in the village, there were 161 courtyards. Residents were relocated to the villages of Lukashi and Rudnitskoe of Baryshevsky district.

     Officially removed from the register in 1999.



Excursions to the Chernobyl Zone, the city of Chernobyl, Chernobyl NPP, Pripyat.

     Mashevo, like the neighboring village of Krasno, is famous for preservation of its territories. The fact is that only one road leads here through the village of Zimovishche and Krasno, so it’s not easy for marauders to get here, especially since the border with Belarus is close by.


     It should be noted that the village of Krasno, which is located south of Mashevo, is officially included in one of the routes of the Exclusion Zone. Therefore, the CHERNOBYL ADVENTURE team invites you to explore the left bank of Pripyat River and visit its surroundings, which are nquite well preserved to this day. All this is possible in multi-day or private tours, as in one-day tour this village is located far from the main route. To go on a trip just register on the site CHERNOBYLADVENTURE.COM, select a date in the calendar of tours or call us. During the whole trip you will be accompanied by an experienced guide who will not only tell the true historical facts, but also show you interesting objects and locations in the restricted area. Book a tour right now, and soon you will be able to visit a place that is unlikely to be forgotten ever. See you on the tour

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