The village Novoshepelychi

The village in the 10 km Exclusion Zone

     Novoshepelichi is a former village which is located in the ten-kilometer Exclusion Zone, a couple of kilometers from Pripyat and eight kilometers from the Chernobyl NPP.


     From 1935 to 1959, the village was the district administrative center, later was subordinated to Chernobyl. The village council of the Novoshepelichi village included Yanov, Podlesnyy, Semihody, and Usov. It is known that in the village there were a high school, a house of culture, a library, a boarding school, a canteen, a kindergarten, a shop. Here also worked a woodworking plant, a sewing studio, a hospital and a fire station. There were also several hostels that the builders of Pripyat once lived in.


     Before the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, there were 1,683 inhabitants in the village. May 3, 1986 people were evacuated. The so-called “northern radioactive trace” passed through Novoshepelichi, which later collapsed on the territory of Belarus. In the first days after the explosion of the fourth reactor at the nuclear power plant, the radiation background in the village reached about one hundred thousand micro-roentgens, moreover, the sanitary standard is only thirty micro-roentgens. That means, people lived for almost a week at a radiation level that was almost three thousand times higher than the norm.


     After the catastrophe, a scientific experimental farm was located in the village, which was established on the basis of the former local collective farm. It contained cows, sheep and even a Californian worm - which was used for conducting experiments on the cleaning of the soil from radionuclides. Interestingly, this farm included cows that were caught near Chistogalovka village. The bull and the three cows that were left by the owners after the evacuation. The bull was nicknamed Uranus, and the cows Alpha, Beta and Gamma. The year of research on animals showed that the irradiation of their organism does not have the best effect, however, over time they adapted, recovered, and lived many more years, and even gave rich offspring.


     Also, in 1987, in Novoshepelichi, illegally, by forest paths, two residents returned - Savva Gavrilovich and Elena Dorofeevna Obrazhei. These were the only “self-settlers” who lived on the territory of the ten-kilometer Zone. Until the 2000s, the family worked at the experimental site. Grandfather Savva worked as a shepherd, and Elena Dorofeevna - as a milkmaid. In their yard they kept chickens, cows and a horse, and proximity to the Pripyat River made it possible to fish. It is known that in 2006 the family was visited by then-President Viktor Yushchenko. After his visit, having felt the conditions of “survival” of the old men in the zone, he ordered to conduct electricity to the house of “self-settlers” and bring a car of firewood - which was done. Savva Gavrilovich died in the fall of 2014, and his wife Elena moved to live in Chernobyl, closer to civilization.


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