The village Opachychi

Village in the 30 km Zone

     Opachichi - officially uninhabited village, located in the southeastern part of the Exclusion Zone, near the river Pripyat.


     The name of the village, according to residents, comes from the word opochivat (in Russian - "rest").


     For the first time Opachichi is mentioned in the testament of Peter Mogila in 1646 as his property.


     In 1864 321 inhabitants lived in the village, and in 1887 already 527 inhabitants that were Orthodox, 11 Catholics and 57 Jews.


     In the village was the Virgin's Nativity Church used to be located, which was moved to Opachychi from Chernobyl in 1859. In the church there was an icon of the Virgin's Nativity, which was presented by the inhabitants of Chernobyl. The following villages belonged to the Church: Gorodishche, Kupovate, Otashiv, Yanovka, Plyutovishche. The church was dismantled in 1909, when a new church was built - St. Nicholas Church. It was a wooden temple, in which the main shrine was the icon of St. Nicholas. By the temple was built parochial school. The church was closed and looted in 1931. After a while, the church was equipped as a club.


     1900 in the village there were 134 courtyards and 602 inhabitants lived.


     An eight-year school, a club, a library, a collective farm named after the 1st of May worked in the village.


     Opachichi was the center of the village council, in it's subordination were villages of Kamenka and Plyutochishche.


     On the eve of the Chernobyl accident, 681 people lived in the Opachychi. The village was evacuated in early May 1986. Residents of the village after the Chernobyl accident were resettled in the village of New Opachichi of Makarov district. After a while, some residents returned to their homelands. Today, this village is village of “self-settlers” (these are people who returned after their evacuation in 1986 to their homes to the territory of the Exclusion Zone). People here live at the expense of their own households: garden, livestock, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms.


     On the territory of the village the base of the forest enterprise “Chernobyl Forest” is located.



Excursions to the Chernobyl Zone, the city of Chernobyl, Chernobyl NPP, Pripyat.

     The Chernobyl Zone is very rich in history. In 1986, about 80 settlements were evacuated. Each village of the Polesia Territory has a special appearance, safety and indescribable atmosphere. Our team of professionals in CHERNOBYL ADVENTURE, will not only tell you about these places, but also show you the most secret corners of the restricted area. Chernobyl Exclusion Zone - is the open-air monument (museum). At one point, everything stopped at around April 26th. People resettled, and the objects remained. We invite you to visit these unique objects: Duga-1 radar station for tracking missile launches in the United States during the Cold War; the Jupiter plant in Pripyat, which was rumored to produce not only radio engineering, but also systems for the defense needs of the USSR; the unfinished 5th power unit of the ChNPP; equipment of liquidators and much more.

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