The village Stari Shepelychi

The village in the 10 km Zone

     Stari Shepelychi - an abandoned village, which is located in the ten-kilometer Zone, the distance to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is 10 kilometers. Before the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the village of Stari Shepelychi was administratively subordinated to the Chernobyl region.


     The village has a long history, but the time of its foundation has not been established.

     In 1789, in the neighboring village, to the south - Novi Shepelychi, there was a built church, which included the parish of the Stari Shepelychi village. In 1797, by the forces of Ovruchsky Archimandrite, a Greek-Catholic chapel was built in the village. After 1832, the chapel was transformed into a cemetery temple. This temple existed until the 1870s. In 1879, instead of the old church, a new wooden Assumption Church was built in the cemetery. The church was registered in the parish of the Virgin's Nativity in the village of Novi Shepelychi. By the church existed a parish school. The temple was destroyed in the 1960s.


     By 1832, the Stari Shepelychi manor belonged to the Ovruch Basilian Monastery. Later, the village went to the state administration.


     In ancient times, the main profit of local people was received from shipping the river Pripyat. This contributed to the fact that some of them visited Warsaw and Kherson. The fact that these places were inhabited from immemorial time, testifies ancient settlement, surrounded by a moat and a rampart.


     In Soviet times, the settlements of Benivka and Kosharivka were subordinated to the village council of Stari Shepelychi.


     There was a school, a club, a library, shops, a savings bank,and "Kirov" collective farm in the village.

     The population before the accident - 820 people. Residents were evacuated on May 3, 1986.

     Officially, the village was deregistered in 1999, due to the lack of residents.


     It is known that Grigory Khmel and his son Peter Khmel were born in the village of Stari Shepelychi . Both firefighters arrived on the night of April 26 to put out a nuclear fire. Gregory was part of the guard FFD-17 of Chernobyl city. Peter was at home at the time, he was alarmed.



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