The village Tovstyi Lis

Forgotten village of Chornobyl Exclusion Zone

     Tovstyi Lis or "Thick Forest" is an abandoned village, which is located in the ten-kilometer Zone, 32 kilometers away from the former district center, the city of Chernobyl. Before the Chernobyl disaster, one of the major villages of the Chernobyl district of the Kiev region.


     The first written mention of the village dates back to 1427. The village is mentioned in the letter of the Grand Duke Vitovt as the gift to the Nicholas monastery - “Lukasz Sapiega, a royal nobleman, and his wife Sophia founded the Dominican monastery in Chernobyl, for that Sapega received this right to possess Tovstyi Lis village with feudal law in 1595.”


     The Holy Resurrection Church was located in Tovstyi Lis. When the first church in the village was built is unknown. But, on some icons of the church, the date of 1731 was set. The second church was built in 1760, at the expense of the parishioners. It was a unique landmark of the Cossack Baroque period architecture, built entirely from wood without a single nail. The main dome had light windows, the rest were deaf. In 1897 a bell tower was attached to the church. In 1913 such villages as Buda, Buryakovka, Nova Krasnytsia, Rechitsa, Rudki, Stara Krasnytsia were related to the church. At the time when Ukraine proclaimed independence, it was the only church that belonged to the 18th century, since all the others in the Polissia Territory were destroyed during Soviet times. After the Chernobyl accident the church was closed. On April 26, 1996, the church burned down.


     In 1886, 912 Orthodox, 5 Catholics and 62 Jews lived here.

     During the Great Patriotic War, the village was the center of the partisan movement.


     At the beginning of 70s about 800 people lived in the village. There was a school, a first-aid obstetric center, a cultural center. A railway branch Chernihiv-Ovruch passes through the village.


     Before the Chernobyl disaster, 626 people lived in the village. In May 1986, residents of Tovstyi Lis were resettled to the village of Gavronschina and Plakhtyanka in the Makarov District of Kiev Region, due to strong radioactive contamination. In 1999, the village was removed from the register due to the lack of residents.


     During the fires in 1996, the village was very badly damaged. At the moment, several buildings have been preserved there, such as school, a two-story house, a canteen and a house of culture.


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