Village Zalesye

     During our excursions, moving along the route, from the checkpoint "Dityatki" to the city of Chernobyl, on the way we meet the former village of Zalesye - one of the first points of the tour of the Exclusion Zone.

     Before the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Zalesie belonged to the Chernobyl district of the Kiev region. The village is located near the city of Chernobyl - about 4 kilometers or a 10-minute walk. The village council of Zalesye included the village of Zapolye, Ivanovka, and Novoselki. Also, Zalesye was a large collective farm center "Friendship". In the southern part of the village, there was a flax processing plant and a livestock complex. Also adjoined to the village fields, which were sown with feed crops. The population before the Chernobyl disaster - 3062 people. It is known that a high school, a house of culture, a library, a maternity hospital were located in the village. In the aftermath of severe radioactive contamination, the population was resettled on May 4, 1986 in the village of New Zalesye, Borodyansky district.

     After the accident, there was an experimental apiary. In general, the experimental apiary originates from the mid-90s, when it was located in the city of Pripyat. Later, amid funding cuts, in the early 2000s, the apiary was moved to the village of Zalesye. To do this, choose one of the abandoned courtyards, and in the house equipped under the laboratory. But, within a few days of the absence of scientists, the marauders looted the apiary. They took everything from beehives and equipment to the white coat of scientists.

     It is known that in 2015 Zalessye lived “samosel” (people who after evacuation returned to the territory of the Zone) - Rosalia Otroshko, who during the life of the village was a teacher of Russian and Ukrainian languages. Tourists, foresters and police officers who brought food and shared news often visited her. At the end of 2015, Rosalia died.

     Now the village has a working base of foresters, which monitors the natural state of the territories of the Exclusion Zone.


Tours to Chernobyl and excursions to Pripyat
     Now Zalesye village is a ghost: dilapidated looted houses, sheds, fences that have been rotten. Many visitors to the Zone, passing through this village, simply do not notice it because of the green riot of trees and shrubs.

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