School number 3 in Pripyat

     In our time, and always, the school has been and is an important social system of our society, which we all have encountered in our lives. We all studied at the school where our intellectual development took place. At school, we grew up, the school taught us the laws of nature, society, and just prepared us for entry into the big world. School is an educational institution, which is a mandatory part of urban infrastructure. Before the Chernobyl accident, there were five schools in Pripyat that provided general secondary education.

     Pripyat Secondary School No. 3, located on Sportivnaya Street near the Lazurny pool. There will never be a school bell ringing, students will never line up on the school line, teachers will not come to their lesson, and notebooks and school magazines will never continue records, for them the last record will be dated April 26, 1986, after which they will remain on the shelves of the teacher’s office. School No. 3 itself differs from other schools of Pripyat in its appearance and architectural design. The educational institution has three pronounced buildings of different number of storeys and a rather complicated internal structure.


“Everything would be fine if it weren’t for life” - Marina Tsvetaeva.


     As we know, the Chernobyl accident occurred on the night of April 26 at 1:24. Residents of Pripyat were evacuated only at noon on April 27, about a day and a half after the accident. Despite this, on April 26, educational institutions continued to function, for them it was a normal day. True, the teachers gave the students iodine, tightly closed the windows in the classrooms, and the lower grades generally let them go home from the last lessons. And the next day at noon, Pripyat was empty. As it turned out - forever. And on one tragic day, study ended - eternal vacation.


Pripyat school number 3 - the Soviet past.
     The best preserved objects and locations in the city of Pripyat are schools and kindergartens. Marauders were apparently not attracted to toys, books, cribs and school desks, so these things almost remained in their places.

     Inside school No. 3, school equipment is not poorly preserved. While walking through the classrooms of the school, you can still see: chairs and desks, which have so waited for their students; notebooks and school magazines that were never verified by teachers; atlases and mock-ups are scattered in the back room. Posters, stands with Soviet symbols, propaganda propaganda, brochures, etc. are scattered in the corridors. But the “trick” of school No. 3 is scattered and untwisted gas masks on the ground floor that were damaged by marauders.

     In general, the school is quite an interesting place, you can see the spacious hall of the school, classrooms, an assembly hall, a post-apocalyptic gym, a library. Here you can find your own atmosphere.


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