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Special enterprise "Complex"

JV "Complex", or rather a special enterprise "Complex", was created as a unit that was engaged in the decontamination of the territories and equipment of the industrial site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and the surrounding areas. Initially, the place of his stay was determined in the city of Chernobyl in the premises of an agricultural enterprise for the repair of equipment. But a little later the enterprise JV "Complex" was moved to the former city of power engineers - Pripyat. It was the efforts of the Komplex JV employees that developed plans and strategies for the decontamination of the former Jupiter plant for the needs of Spetsatom.

JV "Complex" consisted of several divisions that were involved in cleaning various objects and territories.

  • Site decontamination workshop
  • Workshop for decontamination of buildings and structures
  • Equipment decontamination workshop
  • SEW Special engineering works (It was in this workshop that laboratories for the creation and programming of special robotics for decontamination of the Chernobyl NPP territories were located)


In addition to cleaning up the territories, the JV "Complex" included units that were engaged in planting and selection of various crops that could decontaminate the agricultural territory.

A little later, in 1988, the JV "Complex" included a subdivision that tested all the equipment created in various research institutes of the USSR. After the tests, all the equipment was involved in further work on the decontamination of territories and facilities in the Exclusion Zone.

Also, the JV "Complex" included an enterprise from the city of Chelyabinsk, whose specialists conducted research activities on the territory of a greenhouse farm in the sixth microdistrict of the city of Pripyat and were engaged in monitoring fish in the ChNPP cooler pond. Various varieties of cucumbers, herbs and flowers were cultivated on the territory of the greenhouses. The main task of the division was to find the best plant options that could be best used for dust suppression of agricultural areas.

One of the main characters, and later the director of the special enterprise "Complex" from the moment of its creation, was a rather well-known person in narrow circles - Valery Mikhailovich Starodumov. In 1986-90 chap. engineer, deputy. dir. for decontamination. In the first year of liquidation of the consequences of the accident, he was a member of the group of dosimetrists (consultant and adjuster of decontamination robots). He worked in an area of ​​high radiation fields (due to the failure of electronic circuits of robots). Checking on himself the possibility of using personal safety equipment of servicemen, he made an exit to the roof of the 3rd unit, into fields with a capacity of 200-400 R / h to assess the contribution of hard beta radiation to the total dose of ext. exposure and determination of the necessary protective equipment. One of the 3 liquidators who raised the flag on the pipe of the 4th power unit in honor of the end of the 1st stage of decontamination of coatings and the start-up of the 1st power unit of the ChNPP.

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