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Surely many who are going to visit the Chernobyl zone as a tourist are thinking about where and how the lunch will take place. This is a very important point, because when you go along a route of about 5-7 kilometers only in the first half of the day without noticing it yourself, then by lunch you already become hungry. Our escort in the morning always check with their guests regarding lunch and recommend taking at least a dry pack. After all, one of the guarantees of a good tour is well-fed tourists. In this article we will tell you about where in the Chernobyl zone you can have lunch, dinner and breakfast, as well as taste the real Chernobyl cuisine.

Option one. You can stock up on your own food, which you consider necessary, but there is one caveat. One of the rules for visiting the Chernobyl zone prohibits the use of food and water outdoors. That is, it will not work for you to open the canned food with sausage somewhere in Pripyat. In this case, you will have to wait until the group arrives in the dining room and moves with everyone inside the dining room for further meals, passing the mandatory radiation control and washing your hands thoroughly with soap.

Option Two. You can order a set lunch at the registration of the tour or in the morning on the day of departure to the zone. What does a set lunch include? The first is soup or borsch, the second is a side dish with meat, salad, and two drinks - compote and juice. Delicious pastries rely on dessert.

If you are lucky to be in the canteen at the Chernobyl NPP for lunch, then in a sense you are lucky, because you haven’t eaten such food for 20 years already. The entourage of the USSR is 200 percent. Old trays, aluminum appliances, knives are not provided (a luxury for a Soviet person). By the way, forks often also do not happen, you have to eat, as in the army, with spoons. The staff are wonderful, sociable people. The dining room kitchen draws recipes, and, in fact, the food itself directly from the time machine. Perhaps you had the first thought about how terrible it is. But in fact, when you get into this place, and most importantly in the right hands of a guide who can dip you in those times, then you will find the lunch the best of what you have ever tried.

In addition to the canteen number 19 in the Chernobyl zone, there are several more establishments where you can eat. Of course, most of them are in the city of Chernobyl. The city has 1 dining room and 2 cafes.


Dining room "Skaska" is located opposite the hostel "Polesie" in the building of a former kindergarten. After the accident, Chernobyl became a regime town, that is, there can be no children here, so the kindergarten building was redesigned. The dining room is small, neat and soulful. At the entrance you will be met by a dosimetr to check only after that you can go on.

The barbecue picnic grill bar is now visible from Kirov Street along which all tourists move to the 10-kilometer zone. This is a two-story building above the road in which there is a store on the first floor, and on the second the cafe itself. After the repair, the cafe was stylized as S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and themes of the Strugatsky brothers in the story of the same name. As for the menu of this institution, then this is the most ordinary cafe on the road. The diet is the same as in the dining room - the first, second, drink.

Cafe "Desyatka" can be safely classified as a local restaurant. It is located almost in the center of Chernobyl right in the hotel of the same name. A nice two-story building, erected already in the post-accident period. As a rule, all multi-day groups of tourists who stay at a hotel or hostel in Chernobyl have dinner and breakfast in the Top Ten. By the way, if you thought about stalkers from a computer game with the phrase "Chernobyl cafe", then in part you are right. Near the "Dozens" from time to time you can meet the well-known old-timers of the Zone - of course, without exoskeletons and weapons. Given that there are many foreigners among tourists, there are notes on the menu regarding vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. Perhaps the dozens menu still differs from the dining rooms menu in both taste and price.

It should be noted an important fact about the products from which dishes are prepared in all institutions of the Chernobyl zone. All products are environmentally friendly and are brought to Chernobyl from the "mainland". According to the rules, all local products are forbidden to eat. So do not worry about it.

If for some reason you were not able to eat well in the Chernobyl zone, do not be sad. On the way back to the city of Kiev, 30 kilometers from the Dityatka checkpoint there is a very pleasant place with a huge summer terrace, a rich menu, very tasty national cuisine and reasonable prices. The Grill Bar Cranes is located directly on the highway in front of the city of Ivankov from Kiev. You can talk a lot about him, but it’s worth a peek once if you’ll be in those parts.

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