Strakholissia - Zelenyi Mys

The recreation center "Green Cape" ("Zelenyi Mys") in the village Strakholissia

     Strakholissia is a residential village, which is located near the border of the Compulsory and Unconditional Resettlement Zone, on the banks of the Kiev reservoir.


     The first mention of the village - 1695.

     Strakholissia comes from the name - "terrible forest." Apparently earlier, there was a very dense, dark forest here, and people who were passing through this area were threatened by fear.


     To the village council of Strakholissia were subdued the villages of Medvin, Kupovatoye, Otashiv, Opachichi, Gorodishche. But only Strakholissia and the village of Medvin, belong to the zone of voluntary resettlement, the rest are located in the 30 km Exclusion Zone.


     Near the village there is a well dedicated to St. Seraphim of Sarov. Local people say that the water from the well has healing properties.


     In August-September 1941, German troops entered the village. A partisan detachment named after Chapaev acted near the village. Many people from Strakholissia were partisans, defended the Fatherland in the war fronts. In September-October 1943, in the area of Strakholissia  there were military actions to force the Dnieper.


     An important event in the history of the village of Strakholissia was the construction of the Kiev hydroelectric station, in consequence of which the Kiev reservoir was formed. Before the flooding with water, there were rich meadows and pastures used by the people of the surrounding villages. Grew thick forest. Under the water were six settlements. People had to be relocated to different places in Ukraine. Part of the inhabitants were resettled in Strakholissia .


     Until 1986, the Strakholissia was related to the Chernobyl region. Great grief villagers suffered as a result of the Chernobyl accident. They received and placed in their homes evacuated countrymen from neighboring villages, generously shared everything they had themselves.


     Since 1986, Strakholissia is called the village of Zelenyi Mys.

     Green Cape or Zelenyi Mys - a former settlement of the liquidators of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, had this name from 1986 to 1991.
The term "Green Cape" officially meant two parts.One part is the village of Strakholissia  which was renamed in Green Cape,  in 1986, the second part is the liquidators village itself, located two and a half kilometers from the village.


     In the settlement of the liquidators, all the necessary infrastructure was available at that time - a shop, a canteen, a dosimetric monitoring station, etc.

     During the liquidation of the accident, such individuals as Alla Pugacheva, Sophia Rotaru, Valery Leontyev performed here.After the completion of the liquidation work, all the liquidators dispersed to their homes, and soon the village was empty. Then it was decided to restore the former name of the village. So, in 1991, the village was again called Strakholissia .Today, Cape Verde is an empty playground, without buildings, with roads made at that time. Only the checkpoint at the entrance to Chernobyl, is called Cape Verde.


     Fascinated by the wonderful land of Polissya, attracted by hunting and fishing, in the last decade crowds of holidaymakers, including mushroom pickers, hunters and fishermen, have reached out for relax and entertainment.


     Taking advantage of the moment from the village was built recreation center on the shore of the Kiev reservoir called Green Cape. The base is located on 22 Lesnaya Street, and it is a hotel and restaurant complex, which has all the necessary conditions for fishermen, hunters, and lovers of calm forest and lake landscapes. The rooms can be of different levels - from standard to luxury or even a separate cottage. There is also a restaurant, billiards room, BBQ, sauna, boat rental and other leisure facilities.



Excursions to the Chernobyl Zone, the city of Chernobyl, Chernobyl NPP, Pripyat.

     The CHERNOBYL ADVENTURE team always makes your trip comfortable and unforgettable. With us you can move into the historical period, which in 1986 was divided into stages before and after. If you are just starting your acquaintance with the Exclusion Zone, we recommend taking the one-day tour to Chernobyl and Pripyat. For photographers, journalists, researchers, people of other professions who got enough of office life, or extreme tourists, we suggest using a private or two-day tour. An experienced guide will accompany you all the time while traveling, will not only tell you unique facts about that time, but will also show only the most interesting objects. For your comfort, we offer breakfast, lunch and dinner in the canteen of Chernobyl town (imported organic food), as well as food delivered from the restaurant. Regarding the overnight stay, you can choose an inexpensive hostel room in the city of Chernobyl, or even in the Green Cape recreation center located in the village of Strakholesie mentioned above. In memory of visiting the Chernobyl Zone, you can purchase souvenirs from us. For more information, contact the manager. See you on the tour.

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