Holy Elias Church of Chernobyl


Shrines of the city of Chernobyl
     In the first half of the 19th century there were three Orthodox churches in Chernobyl: Ilyinskaya, Nikolaevskaya and Bogoroditskaya. In August 1849, the Nikolaev and Bogoroditskaya churches were burned during the fires in Chernobyl. In 1857, a wooden church named after the Nativity of the Virgin was built on the site of the Nikolaev Church. In the 1930s, unfortunately, this church was also destroyed by atheists.

St. Elias Church and its history
     According to some sources, the Elias Church was wooden, and was built in the 1500s. A parish school and church houses were built near the church. In 1872, a wooden church burned down, and in its place a stone church was erected, which has survived to this day. During the construction of the new stone church, all parishioners, including residents of Chernobyl and the surrounding villages, were taxed. The parishioners were required to supply eggs and cow's milk for the construction of the church - they were added to the mortar, which was used to fasten the brickwork. Thanks to this, the walls of the church turned out to be very strong. In 1930, they tried to destroy the Elias Church, the bells were dropped from the belfry and broken. But the church survived, though the services in the temple were stopped. In the 1930s, the temple was used as a warehouse for grain storage. Another time, they tried to blow up the church in 1941 during the retreat of Soviet troops during World War II. But fortunately the church did not collapse even then. Divine services in the temple resumed only in 1944, and continue to this day. True, since 1986, some time the service in the temple was not carried out. Resumed in the late 1990s.


Post-accident period - rebirth
     After the evacuation of the city of Chernobyl, there were several attempts to rob the Ilyinsky church. The looters wanted to tear open the door to the temple with a cable. They picked up the cable, one end to the door, the other to the tractor, when trying to pull the door, the cable could not withstand the voltage - it burst and seriously wounded one of the robbers.

     In 2001, a permanent priest Nikolai Yakushin, a native of Chernobyl, was appointed to the St. Ilya Church. In the temple there is a unique icon "Chernobyl Spas", painted in 2003 by Vladislav Gorodetsky, in memory of the Chernobyl tragedy.

     Parishioners of the St. Elias Church are self-settlers and shift workers in the exclusion zone. On the territory of the temple there is a “bell of sorrow,” which rings every year on the night of April 26, the anniversary of the disaster. The temple itself is located in the eastern part of Chernobyl at the intersection of Moskovskaya and Pozharny Lane.


Excursions and tours to the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

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