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The story of a resident of Kiev about 1986


It was beautiful weather, almost the same as today. We, ordinary citizens of the then large country of the Soviets, did not suspect that an explosion occurred at night on the 4th block of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. There was no one to upload to YouTube. And write on Facebook.

We were only told about this on April 28, but on television, in the Vremya program, few people attached importance to this information. She was said dryly, as if by the way ... But in the West they already rang all the bells.

Then we did not know how lucky we were. The wind blew to the North-West, so the Swedes were the first to feel the consequences of the accident. Remember the joke: “Why did they decide to put a monument to Pushkin in Chernobyl? Because, firstly, he is also an AU, and secondly, he said: “We will threaten the Swede with refuge” ...


April 28, I left the house and went to the bus stop. Instead of the usual LAZ, a minibus arrived. Then we learned that all the buses from Kiev were sent to evacuate Pripyat, which took place a day earlier. Of course, everyone began to wait for the evacuation of Kiev. After all, Chernobyl is very close by.

Meanwhile, the rumors in the city were the worst. I remember very well how we sat with my parents in a big company on the veranda of our house. And a neighbor came to work in some secret organization. He had an inverted, white face. He said: “Go home immediately. Close the windows. Sit at home. Near Kiev is a nuclear disaster. ” My parents didn’t enter the house, there were barbecue in the open air. But my brother and I drove. And the windows, I remember, were closed. So, just in case.


Buses returned. Clean, thoroughly washed. And it became incredibly clean in the city - watering cars drove. People were waiting for the worst. And in the city newspaper wrote meanwhile:


"Kiev. He is now boiling over gardens and parks. The capital of Ukraine lives a calm, confident, full-blooded life. All enterprises work. The crowded Khreshchatyk. In the evenings, as always, its theaters and concert halls fill up. Kievans enthusiastically met their favorites - Dynamo footballers - winners of the European Cup meeting. These days in Kiev, the start of the cycling race of the world.”


Optimism and self-confidence. These qualities have always been in the character of Soviet man.

Evening Kiev, 1986, 7.05


And then the children disappeared from the city ... My parents and I were taken out by my brother right after Victory Day. There were Murmansk numbers on our Volga, which was very useful - they quietly let us out of the city and let us into Moscow. Just a couple of times the dosimetrists stopped - me, brother and mother were “clean”, but my dad was forced to take off and give away the jeans. It’s good that he had sweatpants lying in his trunk

“Hooray, the reactor exploded! The exams were canceled, ”I wrote a letter to my friend Pasha on the way. Mom accidentally saw him, and for the first time in my life I got a hard time for the course of my thoughts. “You see, daughter, people have died, they will die, people have lost their homes. And the fact that you will not pass exams does not give you the right to be happy about this, ”my mother said sternly. I remember this for life.


And the long, long summer began. For many of my peers - in distant camps, where they were sent at the expense of the state.


A decree was adopted by Radi Ministr URSR about organizing the right and the right of young people, young people and health-improving children in the city of Kyiv and the region in 1986. Virisheno finish the primary school at foreign schools in the districts of the Kiev region, we have adopted school schools, up to 15 grass, then send children at the main camps, pioneer areas.

In Kyiv, the main river 1-7 classes will end up to 15 grass. Students will be directed to take advantage of the preparedness of the camps and the salary of the remaining regions of the republic. In the senior classes and primary security mortgages, they can be held as early as possible.
Children at home, at home and at the road will be organized, - for the sake of view, there is plenty of travel and road transport.
I’m wielding a robot and organizing a summer meeting for students of the Ministry of Economy and the Government of the Republic, the Regional Committee and the Kiev Committee of the Central Committee of the Komsomol Republic.
At the end of the day I want to meet once more, all the food, taking the middle of the heat on the healthy population, the Ministry of Health Protection of the URSR trim and steady control.

Truth of Ukraine, 1986, May 9


Some were less fortunate (or more). And they spent this summer with relatives. My friend from a professor's family recalls the wonderful summer in the Oryol province, where she got acquainted with the life of Russian peasants, the construction of a chicken hut and folk methods of dealing with lice and bedbugs.

All summer the city lived in fear. Strawberries were surprisingly cheap. The whole potato was from under Poltava. Nobody walked on the grass. Everyone knew that liquidation work was underway in Pripyat. The people were saved by dry wine, moonshine and jokes. My parents wrote them down: “In 25 years this will be history,” my father said. And he was right.

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