Jupiter Factory


Secret object of Chernobyl
     The Jupiter plant is one of the most mysterious and secret objects in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. The Jupiter plant is located in the western part of the city of Pripyat, at a distance of about 4 kilometers from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The plant impresses with its vast territory, which consists of administrative, industrial and auxiliary complexes. The tallest building of the plant is an administrative and business complex, which offers beautiful views of the Polesie pine forests, the radars of the Chernobyl-2 complex and part of the buildings of the city of Pripyat. The entire territory of the plant was surrounded by a high concrete fence with barbed wire under voltage, which could only be reached through a checkpoint. The plant was built to provide jobs for residents of the city of Pripyat who were not related to the nuclear power plant. According to official figures, the plant manufactured tape recorders of the famous Jupiter brand, radio components, mechanisms, and components for them. According to unofficial data, military electronic computers were produced here. According to rumors, the factory manufactured electronics for air defense systems, black boxes for military aircraft, submarines and equipment for the KGB. The events in 1986 changed both the fate of the secret enterprise and the fate of everything else that was within a radius of 30 km. Thousands of people lost their families, homes, lives, work.

The mission of "Jupiter" in the post-accident period
     In 1986, they tried to wash the plant from radioactive dust, and partially succeeded. After the accident in 1987-1988, work resumed in the shops. The scientific and production enterprise “Spetsatom”, which dealt with the Chernobyl NPP, the city of Pripyat and other nearby territories are located near the 4-unit of the nuclear power plant. Over time, the company began to develop robotic systems for use in strong radiation fields during the aftermath of an accident. Specialists of the Special Atom examined the possibility of using technology without human intervention. Manipulators were assembled, developed remotely controlled vehicles, fire fighting systems. From 1988-1998, the Spetsatom Research and Production Enterprise carried out radiation research and conducted dust suppression on the territory of the 30-kilometer exclusion zone. Laboratories and enterprises worked by the end of the 1990s, after the cessation of the supply of heat and hot water to the city of Pripyat, the plant was stopped. A significant part of the equipment was taken out.

What is Jupiter today?
     Once work was in full swing here, the workshops were filled with various equipment.

     To this day, the Jupiter plant has not been preserved well, despite the efforts of looters and the efforts of nature. In buildings and buildings, you can see a large number of appliances, interesting things, household items, the remains of buses are still standing on the territory, and between the trees we can find the Japanese robot KOMATSU.

     The most mysterious place at the plant is the basement of Jupiter, in which, after the accident, radiological laboratories were located. In the basement there is a huge amount of chemicals, radioactive soil samples, and a box with black sand, which is highly radioactive, can be identified as an “artifact”. Rumor has it that in the sand is a piece of graphite rod, which was brought from the Chernobyl NPP. In 2012, for unknown reasons, the basement was filled with water.

     The workshops of the Jupiter factory are in one of the locations in the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R, so fans of computer games will definitely recognize this place as one of the key locations of cult games.


Excursions and tours to the Chernobyl exclusion zone

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