Winter in the Chernobyl zone

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Every year certain regularity is observed: the lower temperature is on the thermometer, the fewer tourists are in Pripyat. It means that winter has come to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and the high tourist season has ended. Nevertheless the territory is open for visitors and tours are available to book. Why do tourists not decide to travel during the winter months?

A lot of people don’t want to go to Chernobyl in this period because of weather fearing that it is sleety and cold. Others are afraid that daylight hours are not enough to visit all the objects and photos are too dark. But these fears are groundless.

For few years winters are warm in Ukraine and the weather is the same as in the late autumn. It is warm enough and there is no snow. You can’t freeze. And it is a good luck if it snows. Firstly a layer of snow decrease the level of beta-radiation and the dose which is received during the trip is lower. Secondary the snow-covered zone is extremely beautiful and it is better not to loose a chance to take pictures. All the time roads in Chernobyl are cleaned. That’s why snow is an obstacle neither for vehicles nor for pedestrians. Paths have been trodden here very fast.

But winter gives a lot of advantages. The high season for trips to Chernobyl ends in the middle of November. Because of this there are few visitors in the zone now. It means that less people are in the group, more space is in the bus and the guide may pay more attention personally to you. Now you have not to wait in the crowd for the passport check at the checkpoint or to stay in the long queue buying souvenirs in the shop. In winter you may see the abandoned town of Pripyat almost without people because sometimes in the warm period it is necessary to stay in the queue even to make selfie near the famous Ferris wheel. At the end of October 2021 the record was broken when more than 1800 tourists had entered the zone in one day. That’s why in winter shorter period of daylight hours is compensated by the absence of delay and bureaucratic protraction and small groups may visit all sites without a fuss.

Furthermore, there is no vegetation now and it is possible to watch a lot of interesting things which are hidden in summer and leaving the zone at twilight a lot of wild animals may be met on the road. This is a small bonus to that people who does not fear to visit the zone in the cold period. As is well known the nature has no bad weather that’s why the winter time is a good opportunity to watch absolutely another zone and the Chernobyl Adventure team is glad to help you!

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