Are there any age restrictions for visiting the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone?

Yes, according to the Ukrainian law, only persons older than 18, are allowed to visit the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Visiting with parents, or having the notarized permission doesn’t change this rule.

Do I need a visa to visit Ukraine?

You need to check if your country is on the list of visa required ones. The link to the countries that need to arrange the visa to Ukraine is here, visa-online ones – here. 
If you need to prove the purpose of your visit we can send you a booking voucher after you prepay the tour.
For most of the countries of Europe, North America, and CIS countries the government of Ukraine allows visa-free stay for 90 days

All you need to do is book the tour and buy the ticket to Kyiv!

Are the tours safe?

Yes, visiting the Exclusion Zone is safe. The dose of radiation you will consume during one day tour doesn’t exceed the norms. 
During our tours, we strictly follow the rules of the visit and the norms of radiation safety. 

You can read more details on the page Safety during the trips.

How to book a tour?

Firstly, pick the type of the tour you wish: group or private.


ATTENTION! Due to the permission making procedure in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, the registration to the group tours closes 3 days before the trip.  


To register for group tours: on the main page of the site or in the 'tour category' section on the calendar please pick the month and date you are interested in, after this pick the format of the tour by clicking on the icons and carefully filling in the application form, according to the instructions. After this, please click BOOK A TOUR AND PROCEED TO PAYMENT and pick the form of the payment: full or partial. After pressing the PAY button, you can go through either the system of FONDY or LiqPay, that work with any bank cards. Within three hours after your payment, you will receive a confirmation letter from CHERNOBYL ADVENTURE with all the information about your tour.


To book a private tour please contact our managers  info@chernobyladventure.com or call +38044-229-29-33 and pick the wished date and format of the tour. You can pay the private tour through the individual invoice of FONDY system, through the bank or to the company’s account in any of the following three currencies: UAH USD EUR.


Alternatively, you can pay both group and private tours in our office with cash or use PO terminal.


If you pay only partially while booking, you can pay the rest on the day of your tour to your guide or with any VISA or MasterCard using POS terminal.

What are the differences between the tours?

CHERNOBYL ADVENTURE offers three types of tours: group, individual and exclusive ones.


  • Group tours are one or two day scheduled tours in a joined group of tourists of up to 15 people. The types of group tours are: basic one day, advanced one day, basic two days and two days with the visit to the ChNPP.


  • Private tour is a trip on any day ordered by one traveler or a group of travelers with the unique route and options.


  • Exclusive tours include night tour to Pripyat town, two day corporate tour in the Exclusion Zone, personal photo tour and the plane flight around the Exclusion Zone. 

What are the rules for visiting?

The main rules of visiting the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone are the following:


  • visits are forbidden for the persons younger than 18
  • visits are only allowed within specially organized groups with officially issued program of visit and accompanied by a qualified person
  • to proceed through the checkpoint you will need your passport
  • it is forbidden to visit the Zone under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • your clothes should cover most of your body


You can read more about the rules of visits on Safety in the trips page 

What is the best season for the tour in the Exclusion Zone?

CHERNOBYL ADVENTURE team recommends spring and autumn. However at any season, including winter and summer, the Exclusion Zone has its special charm. 
 Tours to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone happen all year round, the weather doesn’t influence the tour schedule.

Meeting place and time of the group gathering on the day of the tour?

For group tours:


Pick up point: Kyiv, Kontraktova ploshcha, parking in front of the Skovoroda monument. Active link to the Google maps.

Group gathering time is 7:50. Tour starts at 8:20, coming back to Kyiv approximately at 20:00


For private and exclusive tours time and place are discussed individually.

What do I need to have with for the tour?

The first thing you need to have with you is your passport, particularly the one you mentioned in your application form. 
We also recommend to wear comfortable clothes and shoes and have a hat with you. You might also need an umbrella, a water bottle, snacks and medications that you normally use. 


CHERNOBYL ADVENTURE team provides any tourist with a package of necessary little things. Our guides are always equipped with first aid kit.

Which language do you use in the tour?

We run tours mostly in English in Russian. However, private tours can be ordered in Ukrainian, Polish, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese languages.

What will I see and which objects visit on the tour?

CHERNOBYL ADVENTURE  team created advanced routes that cover the maximum amount of locations both in one day and multiple day tours. The detailed programs of the tours are here.

Are the photo and video shooting permitted in the Exclusion Zone?

Photo and video shooting are allowed in most of the places of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. As an exception, it’s forbidden to photograph the checkpoint and the physical barrier of the ChNPP security as well as of the enterprises that work with radioactive materials.

Can I take a drone with me to the tour?

Bringing and usage of drones in the Chernobyl  Exclusion Zone is only allowed while having a special permission from the administration. It is strictly forbidden to shoot with the drone near the ChNPP.

If you want to bring your drone with you please mention it as your special requirement in your application or e-mail it to our managers here.

Can I get into the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone myself?

The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is the regime territory, visits are only allowed accompanied by a special guide and with the officially issued program of the tour. 
Illegal visits to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone are violating the Ukrainian law and can be punished. 


You can read more about the visits to Safety in the trips page.

Can I visit the Exclusion Zone by my private transport?

Yes, it is possible during private tours. While ordering a private tour please mention this to our managers, so we could arrange an entrance permission for your car. 
If you wish to get to the checkpoint by your car on any of our tours, you can park it there and join our van. Please let our managers know in advance.

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