Group scheduled tours


A group tour is a type of tour for groups of up to 15 people, lasting one or two days, during which you will visit the top locations of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone accompanied by a professional guide and in compliance with the radiation safety standards.





During the one day group tour you will see:
o    Chernobyl town center 
o    Secret military object OTH radar “Duga-1”
o    ChNPP of V. I. Lenin, industrial site of the station and “Arka” New Safety Confinement 
o    You will walk through the Pripyat town center and visit the abandoned amusement park
o    Additionally, you will see the fire department and the town police department
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The price of one day sightseeing tour to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone:

  • For Ukrainian citizens: from 39$ / 35€
  • For foreign citizens: from 89$ / 85€

Is this your first tour to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone? If so, we recommend a one day tour.

If you’ve visited the Exclusion Zone before, then we recommend you choose the advanced or two day tour.


So, what is the difference in locations between a one day and a two day tour?

The format of one day trips differs from the two day ones by the number of sites visited, time spent exploring each location.

During the two day group tour to Chernobyl Zone you will see:

o    Abandoned authentic Polessye village Rudnia-Veresnya 
o    Chernobyl town centre,  Podol district and ship graveyard
o    Spend a night in Chernobyl workers’ town
o    You will walk through the Pripyat town, visit distant corners of the former atomic town and enjoy the sunset in the evening 
o    Secret military object OTH radar “Duga-1” and military town of Chernobyl-2
o    ChNPP of V. I. Lenin, industrial site of the station and “Arka” New Safety Confinement 
o    Cooling towers, the 3rd stage of the construction of Chernobyl NPP, the unfinished fifth power unit 
o    Yanov railway station and an equipment sedimentation place 
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The price of the two day sightseeing tour to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone:

  • For Ukrainian citizens: from 150$ / 129€
  • For foreign citizens: from 265$ / 229€

The cost of a two day tour is higher than a one day one, primarily due to an accommodation of tourists in a hotel of Chernobyl town. However, the format of the two day tour gives more chance to immerse yourself deeply in the atmosphere of the Exclusion Zone, carefully and slowly exploring the objects.

There is more to come!

The CHERNOBYL ADVENTURE team developed exclusive routes for ADVANCED TOURS available as one day and two day trips.
They don’t repeat the standard tours of other companies and include non-standard routes and additional impressive objects and locations.
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If you don’t like group tours, or are used to independent traveling, flexible routes and schedule, then top and hard-to-reach objects of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone are waiting for you on our INDIVIDUAL tours.
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Excursions to Chernobyl

The tour price to Chernobyl is from $ 33 for Ukrainian citizens and depends on the number of excursion days and the day of the week. To go to Chernobyl for the weekend is cheaper than on a working day. If you want to book a tour to Chernobyl, better do it 5-6 days before the day of the trip, in this case the tour price to Chernobyl will be even cheaper. If you need to buy a tour in a rush, from today to tomorrow, you can do this by leaving an application on the site before 2.00 p.m., e-mail or call us.
We attach great importance to the comfort of the trip, and deliberately do not conduct large groups of tourists at the excursions, as we are confident that large groups negatively affect the tour quality. The people’s maximum number in our groups is no more than 15, this allows us to provide you with more comfortable transport, be more mobile at locations, and give your personal answers during the excursion.
In one-day tour you can get acquainted with the Chernobyl and Pripyat towns, visit the Duga-1 radar and visit the ChNPP observation platform. If you have chosen a group tour, we recommend a multi-daytrip, two-day or three-day tour so you can visit more locations and see the atmospheric Chernobyl Exclusion Zone