Tour to Chernobyl for two with an excursion to Pripyat


An interesting excursion for two especially for those tourists who want to see the sights of the Exclusion Zone in their "own" atmosphere.

Explore the city of Pripyat and the military town of Chernobyl-2, visit abandoned villages and the unfinished 3rd phase of the Chernobyl NPP construction.

The CHERNOBYL ADVENTURE® team will show the maximum objects of the Exclusion Zone which you can visit in Chernobyl!


Cost of excursion to Chernobyl for two and the city of Pripyat:


  • for foreign citizens -  367 USD / 375 EUR


You can book a tour to Chernobyl for two and see the excursion program below on the page.





Tour duration
12 hours
Popular locations
Chernobyl nuclear power plant, radar Duga-1, Pripyat town, Chernobyl town
Compact groups
from 1 participant and more
Safety regulations


What is the price of a tour to Chernobyl for two?


  • for citizens of other countries - 367 USD / 375 EUR


Additional services:


lunch in the dining room - 7 USD / 7 EUR

rent of a personal dosimeter - 5 USD / 5 EUR


The tour price includes:


  • registration of the program for visiting the Chernobyl zone and obtaining all permits;
  • accident insurance for the period of the tour;
  • exclusive route of the tour through the exclusion zone;
  • comfortable transport;
  • accompaniment by our guides;
  • informational and interactive materials about the Chernobyl zone and the city of Pripyat;
  • individual tourist package CHERNOBYL ADVENTURE®.


The tour price does not include:


  • meals during the tour (additional option);
  • personal dosimeter (additional option);


Tour duration: 12 hours.

Transport: minivan or minibus


Place and time of meeting the group:


Kiev, Kontraktova Square, meeting point on Google Maps

The group gathering starts at 7:50, the tour starts at 8:20. Return back at ~ 20:00.


What locations will we visit?


  • Checkpoint Dityatki - border 30 km. zones of compulsory and unconditional resettlement. Passing passport and radiation control
  • Stele of the city of Chernobyl - the history of the city of Chernobyl in one stele
  • Chernobyl city - drive through the city center to the memorial park "Star Wormwood". Alley of evacuated settlements of the Chernobyl zone (formerly Chernobyl region) → monument "Third Angel" → monument "Chernobyl-Fukushima" → monument to V.I. Lenin → the club where the trial of those responsible for the 1986 Chernobyl accident took place.
  • Chernobyl backwater - a ship graveyard in Chernobyl and a former shipyard
  • The monument "To those who saved the world" is the only monument to the station personnel of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and firefighters created by the hands of liquidators and shift workers of the Chernobyl zone
  • Exposition of robots and equipment - samples of equipment that took part in the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident in 1986 (radio-controlled dump truck Komatsu, robotic lunar rover STR-1, robot MOBOT-CH, robot reconnaissance MF-2, robot Beloyarets, manipulator Foresteri, decontamination machine ARS -14, BTR-70, BRDM-RHB)
  • Fire station No. 3 of the city of Chernobyl (PPCh No. 17) - the third brigade that arrived on the night of the accident to extinguish the Chernobyl power unit
  • Checkpoint Lelev - border of 10 km of the Exclusion Zone. Passing passport and radiation control
  • Checkpoint Chernobyl-2 - Document verification
  • ZGRLS "Duga-1" - technical and working area
  • Military unit 74939 (officially - the center of long-range tropospheric communication) and the military town "Chernobyl-2" - an object that was part of the missile attack warning system for monitoring the launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles from the United States
  • The phased antenna array (large and small antennas) is the only surviving element for receiving radio signals that was part of the Duga-1 complex
  • Communication - a covered technological corridor with a length of 800 meters, which provides signal transmission to the Exhibition and Convention Center
  • Stop at the branch channel of the station - panorama of the station. The first, second, third power units and NSC "Arka", a view of the unfinished 5th unit of the ChNPP
  • Lunch in the canteen - set lunch in the station canteen. The menu complies with the standards of therapeutic and prophylactic nutrition for NPP personnel
  • Prometheus Monument  - a monument transported straight from the city of Pripyat after the Chernobyl accident in 1986
  • Detour around the power plant - view of the ISF-1 spent nuclear fuel storage facility
  • The observation deck at the NSC "Arka" - the largest arched structure in the history of mankind - New Safe Confinement "Arka" or "Sarcophagus-2"
  • Stop at the stele of the city of Pripyat - the remains of the Red Forest, measurement of the radioactivity of the Western radiation trail
  • Pripyat checkpoint - checking documents, entering the abandoned city of Pripyat
  • st. Friendship of Peoples - the first microdistrict of the city of Pripyat, from which the urban development of the atomic city began
  • Monument of Friendship of Peoples - a monument to the unity of the Soviet people during the Soviet era
  • The hospital in the city of Pripyat (MSCh-126) is the place where the first victims of the explosion at the 4th power unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant arrived on the night of the accident in April 1986
  • River station and cafe Pripyat - from here you will start a walking tour of the abandoned city of Pripyat
  • View of the port cranes and landing stage - from the pier of the river station in the city of Pripyat in the Yanovsky backwater
  • st. Kurchatova - Prometheus cinema, music school, consumer services complex, mosaic panels by I. Litovchenko
  • The center of the city of Pripyat is the building of the city executive committee of the party, after the accident it housed the management of the special enterprise "Complex" which was engaged in the decontamination, disposal and disposal of radioactive waste and contaminated equipment
  • The Polesye Hotel is the meeting place of the State Commission, on its roof, in the summer area of ​​the restaurant, the aircraft controllers of the USSR Air Force were located
  • Shopping center and self-service supermarket - Soviet supermarket and central restaurant in Pripyat
  • DK Energetik is the center of the cultural life of the city of nuclear scientists. The building of the House of Culture housed various circles and sports sections. There was also an assembly hall, a cinema, a swimming pool, a library, a film studio and a radio studio in the city.
  • Pripyat
  • Amusement park of the city of Pripyat - a park that was supposed to open on May 1, 1986 (Ferris wheel / cars / swing / Camomile attraction)
  • The school is one of the city schools of Pripyat built according to an individual project
  • City police department - a stronghold of law enforcement officers with pre-trial detention cells and a traffic police station
  • Fire department PPCh-6 - the fire department of the city of Pripyat whose calculations were the second to come to extinguish the fourth power unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in April 86
  • Residential areas of the city of Pripyat - Soviet urban development of increased comfort
  • Pripyat checkpoint - checking documents, entering an abandoned city
  • Checkpoint Lelev - border of 10 km of the Chernobyl zone. Passing passport and radiation control
  • Checkpoint Dityatki - border of 30 km of the Zone of Compulsory and Unconditional Resettlement. Passing passport and radiation control


ATTENTION! Route and travel program can be changed by the administration of the exclusion zone and by an accompanying person.


Why do many tourists prefer to go on a Chernobyl tour for two?


If you wanted to visit the city of Chernobyl for a long time, but don't want to share it with strangers or go for another format - this kind of tour is perfect for you and your friend.

If you have long wanted to visit the city of Chernobyl, but for some reason are not eager to go on a group excursion, or take a different format, then an excursion to Chernobyl for two is perfect. Such tours are often booked by young couples who prefer not banal romantic places, but want to try something completely new. It is worth noting that excursions for two people are taken not only by lovers, but also just girlfriends, or friends. A tour to Chernobyl for two is really more in demand among young couples who are tired of classic romance. In a ghost town, a person is presenting him/herself differently. We can say without any doubt that everyone who has been to Chernobyl comes back as a different person.


Chernobyl charms with its silent emptiness and bewitches with abandoned buildings. Quite a lot of tourists prefer an excursion to Chernobyl for two due to the fact that this is an excellent opportunity to take non-standard photos, which will significantly differ from others. For example, some of our tourists were able to make a romantic photo session against the background of Pripyat. During the tour, you will be accompanied by our guide, who must be on every excursion. You will not be allowed into the restricted area without a guide with an official permission for excursions. An equally popular reason to choose a tour to Chernobyl for two is, of course, the desire to explore locations with a beloved person, but not with a group. For companies of friends we offer individual and group tours.


What do you need to take with you?


  • Passport. Without it, they will not be allowed to enter the Dityatki checkpoint, since Chernobyl is considered a closed territory and entry is allowed only with an official document, which we register in your name. 

  • If you wish, you can take water and sandwiches with you, but it is worth noting that we have an additional service with lunches in the Chernobyl canteen, 

  • Often our tourists treat the forest dwellers of the abandoned city (for example, Chernobyl foxes, who are so accustomed to tourists that they are not afraid to come up and demand a legal tasty “payment” for visiting their home).

  • And of course - good mood! We are honored to invite you to plunge into the most exciting trip with the Chernobyl Adventure team!





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