A trip to Chernobyl, Pripyat, Chernobyl NPP officially became available for most people only in 2009


The popular film "Stalker" and the computer game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. based on the Chernobyl disaster became a catalyst for the popularization of trips to the Exclusion Zone. Nowadays, not so many people know that adventure to Chernobyl can become a legal and a safe form of entertainment - all you need is just contacting us. The trip will be in your memory and the received emotions will not allow you to fall asleep for a long time (in a good sense of this statement).


What can you see in the Chernobyl zone?

There are plenty of enlightening and mysterious places in the Exclusion Zone. Our agency pays much attention to the safety of travelers, with all the uniqueness that characterizes a trip to Chernobyl . What do we offer fascinating during the trip?


Abandoned villages

Before the accident, there were many rich settlements by soviet standards in this region. Hardworking and economic people had been living here. Things and artifacts of those times still remained in houses, from children's toys, furniture to newspapers and books.

It seems like time has stopped, and the owners just went out somewhere. It is clear that for such a perception you need to apply a little imagination, but this is not difficult at all. Trip to Chernobyl from Kiev ALWAYS makes people think about the impermanence of life and the fragility of the world around.


Chernobyl city

This city became an impersonation of the tragedy. The nuclear power plant got its name after this city. Regardless of whether trips to Chernobyl are made by your own car or an excursion bus, the guides of our agency recommend you to stop at the entrance of the city at the old soviet sign. Photos against the background of the symbol of tragedy are expressive  and evokes bright emotions.

Today, the city is not completely abandoned, like the vast majority of the surrounding villages. It is home for about 2,500 of shift personnel. There are also independent settlers or self-settlers in the city. These are people of the older generation who do not want to change their place of living. Moreover, there is an Orthodox St. Elias Church in the city, where is still helding divine services . Of course, our guides will show travelers this unique attraction. By the way, there are working shops in Chernobyl.


Chernobyl nuclear power plant

This place is included in all touristic routes. A trip to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant excites the nerves and causes fear. In fact, there is no danger in being near the 4th power unit. But tourists can approach very closely to the New Safe Confinement, through which you see the fragments of the old sarcophagus, constructed shortly after the explosion by the hands of real Heroes.

It is possible to take pictures from the viewpoint for visitors (200 meters from the epicenter of the explosion), however, there is a clear limitation, which the guide of our agency will definitely remind you of. It is permissible to take a photo, directing the lens only towards the 4th reactor. Nearby are: a storage for radioactive waste (ISF-1) and some strategic facilities. They are not secret, but their wide sharing through the Internet is highly undesirable. But it is strictly forbidden to take close-up pictures of the Chernobyl NPP fence with its security system.


Pripyat city

Another place not for the faint of heart is this ghost town. A trip to Pripyat is always associated with a serious emotional experience, even if it is not the first time. Here, the evacuation was carried out in a short time, so people did not have time to pack their stuff, they took only valuable and important things. For this reason, in houses, apartments, literally on the street, in cafes and kindergartens - a huge number of personal carelessly abandoned things of soviet people remained there.

It is worth noting that Pripyat was an exemplary city. Here were used the leading architectural ideas, were applied the most modern materials and technologies, was developed the infrastructure. The city was one of the main objects in the excursion routes for foreigners in soviet times. Our agency invites you to dive into all this in a company of an experienced guide who knows the history and principles of that time's life . By the way, the stele with the name at the entrance of Pripyat has been perfectly preserved, it is periodically getting tinted so tourists can get excellent selfies.



The secret base of the Soviet army was disguised as a pioneer camp and the object was accordingly marked on the maps of that time. The base was commissioned in 1985, shortly before the tragedy. It was equipped with state-of-the-art classified equipment designed to detect early ballistic missile launches during the Cold War. Duga is a gathering place for stalkers from all countries.

In conclusion, it has to be said that independent trips to the Exclusion Zone are not as productive, informative and safe as those which are organized by the experienced staff of our agency.


Contact us, and a mysterious, unknown and a little creepy world will be opened for you.

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