Safety during the trip


For the last 30 years, the levels of radioactive emissions in the Exclusion Zone has gone down to levels that are considered safe, however closer to the epicenter of the accident levels still exceed safe margins, That’s why the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone remains a closed and secure territory. Our tours follow routes that are always being checked by dosimetric services and abide by strict radiation safety rules.





Radiation is always surrounding human beings and other living organisms on our planet. The sources of these emissions are the sun and some of the natural minerals in the earth’s crust. During the millions of years that nature has existed in these conditions of constant low-level emissions most living organisms have evolved mechanisms of protection and regeneration to survive.

Radiation that can cause trouble is known as Ionizing Radiation, which means the radiation is strong enough to ionize or charge the atoms of the living organisms.


The dose of ionizing emissions is measured in Sieverts (1 Sv). The yearly ‘safe dose’ limit of these emissions for a human is 1 millisievert (1 mSv). For one day in the Exclusion Zone, a visitor will only get a dose of about 0,004 mSv or just 1/250 of the yearly safe dose. The same dose you can receive on a 2-hour plane flight!


There are three kinds of ionizing emissions in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone:

Alpha — a stream of helium nuclei. It can easily be stopped with a piece of paper.

Beta — a stream of negatively charged electrons. It can be stopped with a 2-millimeter piece of metal.

Gamma — a stream of high energy photons. To stop it you need some heavy elements, for example, lead.


The source of these emissions — in the Exclusion Zone is a fine dust that consists of the radioactive elements from the reactor’s content. This dust is being spread around the whole territory by the weather. To ensure no contamination occurs, follow the guide’s instructions and move strictly on the safe routes.

We strictly follow all radiation safety rules. On the day of the tour, we will provide you with a pack of special tools to ensure your safety.


During your visit to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone:

  • Wear clothes and shoes that cover your body, arms, and legs;

  • Follow the rules of radiation and personal safety;

  • Strictly follow your guide’s instructions;

  • Follow the route shown by your guide.


Age restrictions
only for persons older than 18

According to Ukrainian laws, you only can visit the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone if you are older than 18 years.

any weapon is forbidden to bring

You are not allowed to bring the following items: cold and flame weapon, ammunition and explosives. The police officers at the checkpoints have the right to check all the personal items of the visitors.

alcohol is prohibited during the tour

People under the influence of alcohol or drugs, even those just visibly hungover, are not allowed to enter the Chernobyl zone. Drinking or using drugs on the territory of the Exclusion Zone is strictly forbidden.

It is forbidden to eat on the open air

According to radiation safety rules, it is forbidden to eat on the open air in the Exclusion Zone. There is a slight possibility for radioactive particles to get inside the body during eating on the open air. Dining of the workers and visitors is carried out in special canteens where food is cooked from the ingredients brought from the outside of the Chernobyl zone.

smoking is only allowed in the special locations

According to the radiation safety rules, smoking in the Chernobyl zone is not allowed in most of the locations. There is a slight possibility for radioactive particles to get inside the body during smoking outside of the special safe zones.

Personal belongings
it is prohibited to put personal belongings on the ground

In the Chernobyl zone, it is prohibited to put personal belongings (bags, backpacks) on the ground or on the surfaces of the buildings. By doing this you put your belonging at risk of getting contaminated.

Taking 'souvenirs' from Zone outside
it is prohibited to collect and bring out any items

All the items located on the territory of the Chernobyl zone are potentially radioactive. Unauthorized exportation of any items from the Exclusion Zone is punished by law.

Don't touch!
it is forbidden to touch items and objects

It is forbidden to touch items, objects and plants in the Zone, as well as lay or sit on the surfaces. All mentioned above may be the sources of radioactive contamination. By contacting these sources, a person can get both external and internal emitting.

іt is forbidden to visit the Chernobyl zone without authorized guiding

The Chernobyl exclusion zone is the regime territory. You only can visit it in the organized groups under control of the worker of the exclusion zone administration. Routes for your visits are specially created here. Illegal visits to the Chernobyl exclusion zone are punishable by Ukrainian law as criminal and administrative cases.

Mushroom and berry picking
іt is forbidden to pick berries, fruits, and mushrooms

Plants and mushrooms that grow on the contaminated territory of the Chernobyl zone accumulate radionuclides from the ground and can be dangerous for life and health of people, in case of consuming them. The exportation of berries, fruits, and mushrooms from the Chernobyl zone is a criminal case.

it is prohibited to visit the Chernobyl zone with pets

It is prohibited to visit the Exclusion Zone with pets. Also, it is forbidden to get close or touch the wild animals of the Chernobyl zone.

Water drinking
іt is forbidden to drink water from the open sources

During your visits to the Chernobyl zone, it is only allowed to drink bottled water. It is prohibited to drink or use water from open sources (lakes, rivers) because they can be contaminated.

Limitations of photo and video shooting
іt is forbidden to shoot the regime objects

On the territory of the Chernobyl zone, there are few dangerous nuclear objects and enterprises that work with radioactive materials. This ban includes the checkpoints of the ChNPP and objects that work with radioactive materials. It is prohibited to photo-shoot physical security measures of these locations. You can shoot the territory with drones after arranging special permission.

іt is forbidden to visit the Chernobyl zone in open clothing

There is a strict dress code for visitors of the Chernobyl zone. It’s forbidden to enter the Exclusion Zone in the open clothing and shoes. You cannot wear sandals, shorts, skirts/dresses, short sleeves. You can wear: pants, long sleeve shirts, closed (and comfortable) shoes. You don’t need any uniforms to visit the Exclusion Zone. The reason for such a dress code is the risk to get the open parts of your body contaminated.


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